Several questions

Several questions I have a problem as you change the name to the titles of some items, such as McDonald’s article should be called “McDonald’s Corporation and as many … I just need to know how you change the name. Also create a list of all companies, financial corporations, banks, department stores and others in an article. – ReyDDD 20:45 21 Jan, 2005 (CET) What you have to do is use the tab “Transfer” located on each item, the “history” and “monitor”. This allows you to rename the article without losing records and creates a “redirect”. (many people look only McDonal’s, and is suitable to be redirected to “McDonald’s Corporation”) Before you do, always good to verify that there is the article with the new name that you are proposing, because it may be that there are 2 items on the same subject but with different names. In this case, we have to merge the contents .– Dianai, send me a message 20:55 21 Jan, 2005 (CET)

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