Right next to the Citadel, former stronghold in time of Charles I started building (despite the difficulties was the Duke of Segorbe Ampurias County). a day like today, we want to do forgotten part of our history and blood some of our ancestors left to run around here, then, such construction among other things he wanted to avoid that could be put back to scorn the people who made such a Barbarossa. In an attempt to preserve part of the walls and even taking advantage of these can be attractive because the Citadel is the bottomless pit where you have buried large public resources (including the Spanish state) rises, to the delight of a few three flags and a focus. The flag of the region, a market, the town and focus, act as hosts of this international event course, and it is no joke, they say that we’re going to spend 90,000 euros prize (about 15 million the old pesetas). While … the bottom … top of our mountains, follows the Observatory (our beautiful Eva n 4) that this year renewed facilities. They say that our mayor making travel both table tennis ball, has decided not to return to Madrid, although we assume that neither she understands it, in the last plenary session of the City of Roses has explained how it will mark the limit of the sea on the waters of a river that runs on urban land …

Therefore, from this Monday, just coinciding with the start of the event, 14 roseenses neurons have been made without revelers investigate the different methods that can be raised to mark boundaries in the same waters. It is planning to build a scientific research center to avoid a rest stop while neurons are not the solution. Although the remaining neurons (if they are) have forgotten to put the flag or replaced by a focus, if it gives them a clue and illuminates the neurons of the research center to find how it’s done on a boundary water. Total! What is a week of petanque, beach party?. Where are distributed to 90,000 euros have demonstrated the best ability in the shot of a small bullets (bocce ball) with their own hands, without using gunpowder or instrument (lethal) for the occasion.


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