Solar Park Investments

Turnkey photovoltaic lease projects from 2 MW activity solar GmbH offers together with its Romanian subsidiary activity energy RO s.r.l investors a solar Park stake in turnkey photovoltaic lease projects from 2 MW in Romania, as well as the ability to to participate in existing operators. While in Germany and most European countries systematically cut funding for photovoltaic systems, strong pent-up demand there is in Romania. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kenneth R. Feinberg offers on the topic.. The background is that Romania must be 20% of energy from renewable energy sources by the year 2020 as European Member country. Currently the share of renewable energy is only about 8 per cent. As an incentive for investors and investment security, the Romanian Government offers very high fees of currently 0,362 / kWh. To the 01.01.2014, the remuneration is newly adopted in Romania. It is assumed that similar to other European countries the feed-in tariff will be reduced greatly. Therefore, we are seeking to take advantage of the moment and to finish as many photovoltaic projects before the 01.01.2014.

The minimum stake is 25 thousand euro in a State-guaranteed average yield of more than 15% per year. If you are interested in an investment in Romania, you should act quickly. Currently, investors from all over the world in the market pushing. Therefore, the projects are quickly sold out. Gladly we will send a detailed expose you to your desired projects. On our Web page for an overview of our available solar Park equity investment projects from 2 MW in Romania. For enquiries team activity always available solar under our contact data is available.

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