Summer Soon! Choosing Summer Tires

Spring is around the corner, and then the summer. This means that soon our iron horses need summer tires. But how to choose the right, tell your auto consultant. Remember that quality, and most importantly the correct selection of summer tires – is the key to your safety on the road. Platitudes about the non-use summer and winter tire in off-season and now we have no sound.

We elaborated on the optimal condition for a car. An important aspect in the selection of tire selection will tread. After all, tread pattern and its strong influence on all parameters avtoreziny. Since asymmetrical rubber holds the road perfectly. And the deeper the tread, the better it will conduct a rubber on the road and covered with puddles in the rain. The markings on the side of the tire Aqua will tell you that you have to deal with e special stamps avtoreziny, designed to work in wet conditions. Tread, with picture of a V on the contrary, excellent work is over on dry surfaces.

When we get avtorezinu thing to remember about the recommended sizes. For each brand automakers recommend several sizes, from which is not recommended to deviate. Of course, you may not prevent someone to purchase and install the tire is not a suitable size, but we must remember that use of such tires will adversely affect future operating car. And most importantly, your speedometer will not show your actual speed. And from this follows the possibility of further problems with traffic police. Tires are also marked with special indices, indicating the maximum load on the wheel and the maximum permissible speed. Since the indices Q – says the speed of 160 km / h, and the index "80" – the maximum load of 450 kg. If after installing the rubber poorly balanced, or require a large number of goods, a guarantee you are dealing with marriage, which is better to return. But first, check the wheels separately without rubber. If they are perfectly balanced separately, be sure to return the tires to the seller. After a good summer Rubber – it's your safety on the road.

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