Making Flash Banners

The most accessible form of banner advertising at the moment – a flash-banners. He became so popular because the flash banners are quite attractive. Another feature is the flash banners their light weight, about 20Kb. But even such a light weight does not affect the flash banner, it is able to absorb much more of the frame. Due to rapid changes in images flash banner contains a large amount of useful information donosimoy to the buyer, and thus has a beautiful non-intrusive form.

Flash banners have many dimensions, it is the most popular – 468X120; 468X60; 120X600; 125X125; 120X120; 120X60; 100X100; 88X31. When ordering, flash banner, remember that quality as a banner advertising is very effective, as perceived by users to 80% of visual information. Therefore, flash banners look always, always, but not always clicked. To make more effective advertising on the flash banner must be aware of the needs of potential clients, then you can send it back on track. A well-designed stylish nice flash banner – business card of your business.

Flash videos and flash presentations can be placed wherever appropriate media advertising (web-sites, conferences, exhibitions and forums). In promotional flash movie a number of advantages over static advertising. The image dynamics and sound components are the ones that create the effect of "three in one" – it's one of the elements of something like "play"! Be honest, flash cards to develop very nicely! Because they are ordered in connection with the onset of some kind of meaningful, joyful events. Flash card is certainly an exclusive and vibrant addition to the gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding. And in this "media" presents you can subtly and with humor hint … what? Yes, what you want! For example, we had an order from the girl on the creation of flash cards with the wedding story – the bride and groom walking down the beach, at sunset, in a romantic atmosphere … As it turned out, young people understand the hint – and the wedding took place on the French Riviera. As of and wished the bride … You can order a flash banner, flash video, flash game, flash card. Or art of the animation. Or … Yes anything! Beginning of our cooperation is necessary. We can dare together! Flash technology to help us …