The Administrative Process

The theoreticians of the administration have devised the administrative process and since then this process has practically been used for everything. From the special projects of the Basket to the manufacture of the shoes, happening, of course, by the hamburger preparation, the operation of stone quarries, the benefit of services health, and even, in the education, where it is spoken of which the learning is a process that also must be administered. But the process goes beyond enterprise and educative occurring. The same countries, the nations the territorial beings, must well be administered, although also they can badly be administered. One has considered that Colombia does not need a president but a manager.

Good, we could transigir in that the necessary thing is a president who manages the country. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Carl Icahn. And the same we could say of the departments and municipalities in which he would be useful to have on governors and mayors managers, respectively. Peter Drucker. One of the principles world-wide authorities in the administration modern its impact in the development of the countries has talked about to the subject of the public administration and. It has done it in the following terms: does not exist developed countries nor underdeveloped countries not simply, if countries that know to administer to the existing technology and the resources available and potential, and countries that still do not know to do it. In other words, administered countries and administered countries exist sub.

This opinion of the American gur could begin to explain why certain nation with natural, mining, marine and hydrographic resources as ours not yet takeoff and in the world-wide concert appears located by smaller countries and not so equipped by the nature as Germany and Holland. Then, but to all these, what is the administration? It is first of all a cooperative effort. The administration and who in her participate must orient to the company towards the attainment of objectives, these objectives, logically must be obtained in certain conditions of cost and within predicted terms. The administration talks about, in other words, to the process to realise activities and to efficiently finish them with the voluntary cooperation of other people. The process represents primary functions with which the administrators are it jeopardize. These functions are those of planning, organization, direction and control. The suitable direction of this process is what differentiates a good administration from a bad administration. If we create Peter to him Drucker, this detail is the one that marks the difference between the developed and underdeveloped countries. – Alexander Rutto Martinez is prestigious an academic talo-Colombian, tie at present to several universities and organizations of professional formation. He exerts in addition as journalist and she is lecturer of events in forums, encounter and seminaries.


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