“The Cat’s Revolution”

The Science fiction story creates new places with new characters, in addition to innovative argument. Patience is written carefully, calmly the whole story, namely argument without limit of time and space, without haste, given all that patience. Consciousness, however, is not as easy to propose that people could find their reflection in history, the circumstances of the characters, which runs through as it is giving the plot. In a question-answer forum Dennis Lockhart was the first to reply. Then I have be aware of what I write, or human value and true, even in fiction, and finally write it with the conviction that I’d like to read it first to me, to my taste, my way, and with retailer I Avaya headache! In short, this is the result of the Three Studies combines excellent novel! You believe. Dear fellow readers, I’ll tell you one thing I am passionate aYo privately with the evolution of the Cat! I read over and over again, tirelessly. Although substantive argument is not a story just cats, they are changing the cat. However, in the substance of the argument does not mention the breed of cat, but the human being with all its enormous social problems. Dear reader, if you take a book, this, that, whatever, you will surely find discussion of an inheritance, a love obsession, revenge, a case of terror, a case of detectives, a battle, a war or even a documentary.

No, the evolution of the cat, has that and more, this novel goes beyond being a simple story. The evolution of the cat puts the real social problems facing the human race, as is poverty, hunger, injustice, discrimination and unemployment, which millions of people throughout society, around the world. Author’s name, Federico Jimenez Martinez Details author was born in Ciudad Valles SLP Mexico. I am a composer and writer of a lifetime. One of my best works is that I wrote to the brother country of Costa Rica.

Who once won the Nobel Peace Prize. Another song is Venezuela, inspired by beautiful women. Well the inspiration that I have since childhood, has served to develop sensitivity, sensibility that has helped me to write The Cat’s evolution. Paper published in February 2006 in the Trafford Publishing Canada.


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