The Client And The Quality Of Service

In these times of high competitiveness, nobody can deny that the quality of service is a key factor in the loyalty of customers. Admittedly, that companies strive every day to improve your service, however good intentions are not enough so that the customer put the t-shirt. I’m going to cite a fact that can graph better what I mean. A few days ago asked for an order of pizza to a known string that had implemented an exclusive plant for delivery, believe me that I was surprised with the greeting of the person that answered the phone, he called me by my name, his voice was warm, gave me the data of my home and he took the order until there was a service WOW! ten points. It could have been a happy story, like everyone, but here comes the second part. I had requested pay with a debit card, which meant to bring a POS device such that registered your card and you loaded direct into bank account. The dealer came before the 30 minutes (if you did not free, already know) greeted me and he delivered pizzas, but you forgot the POS, told me if I could pay cash, I told him that it did not have at that moment.

He explained to me that I had forgotten the device and that he would return. It was at that time about 8 pm. After eating pizza, I waited hour after hour and did not reach the damn dealer. Already when I was preparing to sleep, rang the doorbell was him!.! Imagine my expression at that time, there was no smile of course and my digestive process are put at risk. I told him that it was not possible that it will arrive at 11.30 pm. etc, etc.Timidly, with trembling voice, he explained to me that the bike had spoilt him, was with the hands of grease, the face also, finally I paid him, he apologized more than once and left pouncing.

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