The Lie Of “I Have No Time “

Who has never received the response “I have no time” to requests such as when do we meet? or why do not you write?. The denial of adequate time is probably the most widely utilizada.Todos lie we have time, but this is the arm of our priorities. Perhaps more than lie could be called unfinished sentence y. .. starting. Not that he has time, is that I have no time for you! It is a cruel denial. One wants to believe that maybe (please!) Such person is so busy that you really can not stay, but no. No, no and no.

In other words, you might say, is that you’re not important enough, you know? Above you is take a shower, drink a beer while watching TV, going to the gym, read a while, chatting, hanging out with my friends … and only, after that only if I still wanted a space of time and I do not know how to fill, you go. So flat, it is very difficult for you to touch. And the example applies not only to that piece of hot guy that leaves you breathless as you see it. Also applies to your best friend, for your neighbor, for your mother, your sister, your boyfriend …

If you hear I have no time to answer some of your proposals or requests for favors, you know that you have considered: low. To them you are completely expendable, and you invest so low on their list of priorities, rather than priority, heads the list of nuisances. Although it sounds hard, give back to anyone who tells you. The downside is that an arch-used excuse. Also for such despicable reservartelos leisure time you do not know who to fill. And you say when you want, hold it against all odds and rain and tornado hurricane rivals. Do not believe me? S memory. Insurance is something you do for someone who do not merely postpone and postpone. Until you have time. That is, until you’ve had enough to do whatever pleases you and one day you find yourself staring at the ceiling thinking what the hell to do and suddenly occurs to you man, I’ll call menganita. And begin with Ayyy typical … sorry to have spent so much time. It’s that been very busy. If you? Ahhh! What is truly decipher the language? .


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