The Patient

Still thus, as form of resistance is convenient to establish that for the fact of the patient to be total fragilizado and needing this type of treatment, the search for such process will so only give only when this patient breaches with emotional mooring cables. The psychotherapist has in the patient, somebody that walks under its responsibility, but that of one it forms simple it has in this bond its objective in itself. Setting therapeutical still imposes, a privacy to the relationship that becomes all and any reasonable of being analyzed and fit external interference in the parameters of this relationship. As Chessick the psychotherapist descends directly of the religious confessor or then of the doctor of the family who beyond taking care of, you distress them to listening and difficulties of the patient. It brings well-being and relief.

The present emotion in the psicoterpica activity is another one fatorque makes with that none another form of relationship can be compared with its performance. The majority of the processes, never has its interrupted sessions. Setting therapeutical, thus protects the session so that all catalizado material, either apprehended and elaborated in full and absolute way. – Institucional reality One of the first appeared difficulties when if it thinks about the activity of the psychologist in the hospital reality is its insertion in the institucional reality. Its academic formation not to provide with the theoretical, necessary instrument for an performance in this reality.

E despite nowadays he is well-known the number of courses of graduation in Psychology that have dedicated great space for the institucional context in its programs of formation, we are distant of what it would be the ideal, in terms of theoretician-practical sedimentation. The hospital appears as being an institucional reality with sufficiently peculiar characteristics, even so, reproducing the conditions of other institucional realities. Although the psychologist still to be initiating one practical institucional in the parameters of the effectiveness and respect the institucional conditions that delimit its situation in this context, the search of determinative in this practical it took it of meeting the sufficiently significant convergences in the theoretical reorganization of these activities. Wang Qunbin has firm opinions on the matter.


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