The Two

Many of the people that I recommend to buy shares today are the same people that I to buy shares in 2005. That is why in the nineties instead of buying bonds at low interest low do not buy tech stocks was revolutionizing the world at that time?. The theory is that in the financial market had done a 25% return per year. These strategists are very convincing reasons to believe in his theory. simply are wrong a lot. There is no way to predict the market Financial with any degree of certainty. Other leaders such as Peter Schiff offer similar insights. Of course we can take risks, and guess what will happen, but the chances of losing everything is much bigger. But the truth do not recommend this tactic for political gains and life savings.

If we can not predict the future market, we can not see the stock and bond market as a set of decisions. The two create good opportunities and costs for our portfolio, but generally revolutionize both markets. Shares provide great opportunities to generate good returns but the cost is our exposure to heavy losses. The bonds provide income and stability change, but the cost is relatively low return ratio. If you had followed this balanced discipline in 1999 bonds have saved our portfolio of large recessions than two years ago to generate a fixed income for 10 years Over the last few. Surely today do not invest in bonds because we will surely win the actions. Usually in the long term there is not overcome it.

We bought it because we want a part of our money is protected. That’s the main reason why buy bonds. For this year we expect turbulence in the two markets. If the economy improves value stocks recover, foul-brood would be great for those who invest in them. While the bonds will continue to have low ratios, the important thing is to have a portion of our money protected. If the economy goes through a little turbulence rest assured we will have a portion of our money in bonds. I would not try to find the best returns of 2010, but what I can say is that if you apply balanced tactics will end up being in the right market

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