Tour of Spain

In fact Hunter celebrated the start of his career by winning the first level of the Tour of Spain 1999 … The third Grand Tour of cycling's most important is not bad for a rookie! After the Tour de France 2006, where Robbie helped his Phonak teammate, Floyd Landis, to get the controversial victory of the TDF and the result Examining American testosterone was found positive, the sponsors are disengaged, leaving the South African and the rest of the Phonak team unemployed. Despite the unfortunate event that was involved, Hunter did not take long to get back on the saddle of the bicycle. Barloworld contacted without much thought, the cyclist, 29, who is the only South African who has raced in the Tour de France. The Cape Argus race will be their first after more than 10 years, but according to his manager Tony Harding said, "the Tour came at the right time" By Robbie compete in this race: his fellow Italian Fabrizio Guidi and Enrico Degano; Colombia's Felix Cardenas and Russian Alexandre Efimkin. In addition, another South African Ryan Cox, may be taking the sixth place in the Barloworld group to compete in the Giro. The Giro starts March 6 in the first stage the competitors will start from the Faure Street Stadium to reach the top of Helshoogte Paso.

The route will take place at Level 2 Stellenbosch, starting at the Sports Centre Coetzenberg and ending near the Protea Hotel. The route of Stage 3 is still maintained as a surprise to everyone, including participants. Peter Asaro insists that this is the case. At Stage 4 emerging from the College Near Camps Bay and end at the top of Signal Hill. And the final stage runs from Hertzog Boulevard in Cape Town to Green Point, which is already part of the world famous Cape Argus Cycling Tour Pick 'n Pay, this fifth stage will take place on March 11, 2007. Stay tuned because we will secure a remarkable performance from Roger Hunter and his team.


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