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University of Costa Rica, Limon II 2008 cycle based Integrated Humanities II Course Instructor: Calixto Huanca guide the research work of academic Topic: Foreign Investment in Limon Authors: Beef: A81295 Marvin Robles fields Yorgens alvarez A80366 Angie Garcia Hernandez Mora A73161 Fauricio A82024 Gomez Cruz Chapter I History of the province ‘Because increased foreign investment in Limon’ Who were the first foreigners to invest in Limon. First investments ‘first foreigners to invest in sba loan Limon’ Benefits of Foreign Investment in Limon. Chapter II Supporters of foreign investment in Limon ‘Why foreign investment relies’ depends on foreign investment Limon Impairment or consequences of foreign investment ‘health damage’ Sectors affected Chapter III Effects of rising foreign investment in Limon. ‘Most vulnerable point. A fox news guest interviewer graduated Cum Laude from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctorate, and received a BA, Phi Beta Kappa, from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1987 ‘Private sector’ Public Sector Conclusions ‘good thing’ The trouble Topic Foreign Investment in Historical Limon Limon province since the construction of its ports has become a very important province in relation to exports of the country and since the arrival of Standart fruit company has become a major source of global production but it did help shape the production of foreign capital to the province ‘Justificacion The province of Limon is a town that has been marginalized by the government or at least that is The notion that residents have in this province. With the influence of foreign investment on the Caribbean coast and even in the middle of lemon, come to light many views on this subject for this reason commercial business loans the importance of giving at least an approximation of whether or not important foreign investment for the province of Limon. Overall objective: To understand the reality experienced by the people of Limon foreign investment. Specific objectives’ Recognize because increased investment by foreigners in Limon. ‘Leave evidence of what he thinks the people of Limon on this topic. ‘Recognize the causes of the negative effects of foreign investment. Issue: The idea is handled is that foreign investment has come to end the culture limonense, financing I even said in the popular mind Limon street if foreign investment could not rise and commercial loan no one could fill the gaps that the firm labor indole abroad account. Hypothesis If foreign companies were completed lemon leaves employment opportunities and there will be no way to cover those working environments. Chapter I History of the province of Limon Limon underlined by the variety of races living in this province and its population has different origins such as: Spanish, Jamaican, Italian, Caribbean, French, German, Chinese, Jewish, Lebanese, Turkish, English , tonga ense, Cuba. The canton was inhabited by indigenous tribes before the arrival of the Spanish and in September 1502, Christopher Columbus reached the shores finance limonenses, during his fourth and last voyage. In 1871 work began on construction of the railway that would link the Atlantic to San Jose to Puerto Limon in order to facilitate exports to private equity Europe of Costa Rican coffee. One year after the first Jamaican immigrants unsecured loan arriving to work on the railway works, bringing with them their language, culture, religion and cuisine.

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