Uzbek Cooking Tips

Serving Uzbek table, depending on the conditions in Uzbek cuisine, the tablecloth is covered by carpet, the couch, a low table or on the table. It is recommended to choose a tablecloth, the dishes put on it, well shaded and would be beautiful. Table serves utensils monotonous style and colors. For each guest put on one plate, and the right of that put a fork, knife (sharpened side of the blade toward the plate). Spoons and forks should be based on the concave side up. Castors with salt, pepper and vinegar and put closer to the middle of the table and napkins folded triangle or the cap, put on the snack tarelkiEsli paper napkins, then their need to invest in a glass and put it on an empty seat.

For a festive table different wines put on the table in uncorked bottles. Depending on the type of beverage in each unit and put a glass cup for drinks. In addition to hot dishes, beautifully arranged table on sweets, snacks, salads and fruits. This is precisely the originality of the Uzbek serving table, it gives an opportunity to rid the owner of unnecessary trouble and sit with the guests. Dishes must be placed on the table so that everyone, not rising from their seats, unable to get the desired him meat. Hot first courses (soups, mastavu) served in a special dish – the box office.

It should be noted that first put the dish in front of the most senior among the occupants. When a table, the guest must be approached from the right side. The second hot dishes (Kavurma, Uzbek pilaf ilikebab) is served in individual bowls or dishes, about every diner is left: to spoons, forks and plates. Everything else the meat removed. According to Uzbek tradition, feast begins and ends with tea drinking. Must submit and green and black tea. Tea pours mistress or any one of the guests, the youngest of age. Fresh fruits – pomegranates, lemons, melons, watermelons – served sliced If you are interested in the recipes of dishes of Uzbek cuisine, you can find them on the website


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