Web Designers

Anyone would think that most important to consider a designer of pages Web it is to know the languages basic programming, the decisive thing that can get to be the planning in the design of the site or the content that will be to have and the truth are that it is not certain, most important at the time of creating a Web site is: TO CONVINCE THE CLIENT THAT ITS PAGE WEB MUST OF BEING EVIDENT. Most important at the time of designing a Web site it is to face us the preconceived ideas that it has the clients and to the design ideas that revolotean in their heads. It is certain that we must become attached us to the old man this of " To the client which pida" but As you would react, dear reader, when a client asks to him she attends that it in his own death? , Really to the client which asks. We are going to begin to define an evident site and soon we will leave you you decide if you want to convince its client or to save the possible confrontation. A page evident Web is in which in the 5 first seconds, after to have arrived at her, of in question account and in 5 following seconds it knows like sailing it. Please, this in the mind grbese: NOBODY IS GOING TO TAKE A SPECIAL COURSE TO LEARN TO NAVERGAR ITS PAGE WEB. In more than an occasion I have faced the obsessive necessity on the part of some client to have a navigation completely different from everything what exists, which is that this means, they put examples of possible ways to sail the page that go from bellboys distributed by all the page Web to navigation bellboys which less bellboys of navigation seem everything, happening through the location of the main bar of navigation in the possible most improbable places, and I only mention east element because the list would be interminable.


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