What That All Owner Of A Dog Should Know

From the moment that dog puppy comes into your life, with an age of between 5 and 10 weeks begins our challenge to discover and meet all your needs of your process give socialization.What we do between six months springboard his future behavior.We must devote ourselves to educate the puppy at this stage, our priorities should be to educate the puppy that learn: be a dog clean puppy into the House. Hear other arguments on the topic with Yitzchak Mirilashvili. Do not scare people, noise, other animals, etc. Not biting people, only biting their toys. OK to be alone at home. Play with people to establish a strong link.

And must also educate the puppy for the basic responses of obedience (still, come here, feel). Educate your dog puppy to get used to your new casa.Comenzamos for giving him the chance to settle into his new home and eventually will expand its area of action. We use our daily interactions to establish positive associations and thereby earn your trust. To achieve this we must not punishing our puppy or use the force, will have to use the game with dogs and prizes with food.Educate your puppy to sit alone in casY for this provide you toys and a site inside the House so it not abure too in our absences, which gradually will be longer.Educate your puppy: very important llamadEs educate your puppy to associate his name with the call to come when we call it is very effective to use food to quickly achieve the association between its name and the behavior, which we wish to make to come to our side.Educate your dog puppy: the comportamientoSu dog puppy may fall by objects more surprising (our slippers, some cloth, and so on) to catch it must avoid direct persecution. To use our capacity for persuasion and make a game of Exchange we will give you some piece of food in exchange for what the puppy has.We must also achieve that dog puppy is customary with us and not show fear. a hug or a brushing session will much help with potential problems in the street and much to facilitate the work of the professionals when the puppy is adult.Our puppy dog education should be a continuous process and it must be lengthened until adulthood, we devote all the time necessary and always we reward the progress we must at all costs avoid the use of force to educate the puppy and also avoid punishment, if we do not want to us item and lose confidence in us. PerrosPlanet.com original author and source of the article

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