Zodiac Sign Cancer (22.6. – 22.7.)

Born in the element of water, most crabs very sensitive people. Like their ruler planet, the moon, changes in the various phases of his appearance, so the mood changes one Krebsgeborenen: Play in the best mood and elation, a short time later, sad unto death – this is a typical cancer. Cancerians are very emotional, sensitive man. Take what is happening in their environment to process in itself, but not with your head, but to hit out as a feeling human decisions from the gut. If the event is positive, one experiences cancer in high spirits and sociable. Wiederfhrt him, but a negative one, it can be stressful experience, it only a few moments later his fellow man as an inward-looking pile misery hardly recognizable. Many people from labeling it as so capricious. The friendly nature of cancers and emotional needs for a happy life, both the material and domestic security. His family is in the top priority for him and is in addition to safety, the most important.Risky decisions occur in his daily life is very rare. Great food and great prices at the Of the (marital) partner has it difficult to him. Since he was a “good kid”, he has indeed excessive demands or requests in the partnership, but he lives more into himself and is therefore in this respect not very communicative. Loyalty and attachment to the partner, or even in friendships is a special virtue of the cancer. Like the seafood cancer has also born in this sign often have a hard shell but a soft core. They are usually very sensitive, romantic contemporaries, with almost childlike mind. In G. Wittmann own thing: On our website you will find in addition to wine labels and printed napkins and place cards and menu cards for a successful wedding.

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