Beauty Salons

* Sight – roam the crowds of onlookers and charged babes, studios are painted bright gaudy colors, colorful balloons and flowers. * Sense of smell – smell hovers itself different cosmetics and perfumes * touch – anywhere to squeeze between the visitors and vendors just do not have enough hands. In general, the atmosphere of the booth and East Fair – a colorful, noisy, zazyvnoy. It uninitiated easily confused, having inflated the thoroughbred mare for a racehorse – as it did in the old days. In addition, each seller does not shun foreign goods find fault, and display their products the best in the world. Error when opening a beauty salon and spa Cabin In this situation, not just seen as tired of the noise, foul air, the excess of information people plunk down for the negotiation table – and have bought chohom first got the equipment supplier for all classrooms. Although it is known that virtually no company, where the entire line would be really good.

There is a 'shock', a strong position, but there are continuous, inefficient things. Such hasty, unwise purchase of equipment – one more often common mistake when creating a beauty salon. Did not properly – ill and died Beauty Salons – like people. Someone husky – plows, a tractor and forges a Stakhanovite money, while others – from birth slackness in the knees, and rickets flatfoot. Just like in the song: 'I bet the fish, but no money nadybat'. No one of the most successful ever complain that 'nowhere to go yet. " But from the leaders of failed audible sobs and sobs constant – 'client went tight-fisted, bred competitors, the master of escape. " No, colleagues, is not so! For several years in consulting salon business, we had seen on decent shops, where the financial tubes, despite the best efforts leadership, pouring a thin trickle of rusty. But for all the similarity – the weak results, suffer such beauty in different ways and in different diseases. Continued follow.