Office Space

In planning the work area office, each company based on the need to ensure the effective execution of business processes. Therefore, defining a set of premises and the area, repelled by those functions performed by employees. In this respect too, there are firms that are content with small, then there is no separate working area: one Indoor work all office staff – the so-called open-plan. It is distinguished by accessibility, as furnishing no need to build walls and not democratic, because all of subordinates to superiors work as a team. It should be noted that the close proximity of peers facilitates the communication process, it is very important, if all employees working on one project.

However, in practice this method applies only to companies with a small number of specialists. "The total working area, usually not more than 30-40 square meters. m, – says Elena Tepina. – Most companies are on the standard path, splitting the space in accordance with the number of functional units that exist in the organization: accounting, engineering department, sales department, and so on. " As an alternative method it calls a zoning by project teams. Indeed, if the above solution works a certain team of various experts, such a plan would be more successful than functional. It should be noted that sometimes there is a need to combine these two approach. If the number of employees in a separate unit is large, such a large staff of sales managers and tellers, then combining them in one place, the employer runs the risk of lower performance subordinates.