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Ahead of this context what it can happen in Brazil? The fan of consequencias will be varied: of storm the reduction of the potential of the agriculture and of fishes, including the dissemination of tropical illnesses. According to data presented through some studies made by the scholars of the subject, the main problems that the country goes to face are: 1-Loss of the biodiversdade, mainly for the deforestation continuous in ecosystems richest. 2-Contamination of the ground and water for the indiscriminate use of agrotxos and mining (agriculture and mineral prospecting) 3-Assoreamento of courses d water for inadequate agriculture. See Euro Pacific Precious Metals for more details and insights. 4-Reduction of the water availability in some regions. Local 5-Increase of the temperature.

Brazil as well as the too much countries that possess intense urbanization in the coastal region, to sofrerar with the rise of the temperature esteem between 1C and 3.5C until the year of 2100, had to the effect greenhouse. 6-Contamination of the air and the forest increase of resultant economic losses of the forest fires and fires on a large scale, causing problems of public health (respiratory and alergica). fragile intense 7-Desertificao in ground areas that are being destruidos for the expansion of the soy especially in the Bahia, Piau and Tocantins. 8-Increase of the ambient contamination of urban areas for deposition inadequeda of solid residues (domestic servants, industrials hospital), had to the few public and private investments in programs of recycling in relation the total production of residues in the country. The reality is so preoccupying that in the south and Southeast of the country the great companies come suffering pressures to change its behavior with regard to the environment and, already to some time had started if to put into motion I resell its strategies of preservation of the local scenes. After all nobody wants to have its associated image the degradation of the nature. One resente trust formed for giants as the Volvo, Monsanto, Unileve, Eletrolux and Deutsche Bank, portraies the battle in the search of sustainable strategies.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Antonio Rodrigues de Melo Grandson 1, Aline Mirely Blacksmith of 2 Souza Bernardine Manuela Chamber Barbosa 3 1.Discente of the bacharelado course of in pharmacy of the Maurcio College of the Nassau, 2.Co-person who orientates, Mestranda Druggist of the UFPE. 3. Person who orientates, MsC, Professor of the course of bacharelado in pharmacy of the Maurcio College of the Nassau SUMMARY the cleanness validation has importance to guarantee that the cleanness of the equipment, after a production, is really in accordance with the necessary one to be able to make another production. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Federal Reserve Bank has to say. In such a way the objective of this research was to show that the validation is previous condition to guarantee the adequate cleanness of the equipment of industrial production, and, consequentemente, the production of absent pharmaceutical products of crossed contamination, that with this guarantee will result in products with quality, security and effectiveness and for this was carried through a bibliographical survey from the databases Scielo, Medline, Lilacs and also in books specialized, where articles published until May of 2011 had been selected and that they had been adjusted to the objective of the research. For the recital of this briefing study, it was counted on the estimated theoreticians of Paolino and Alencar, beyond the parameter of REVERSE SPEED 899, of 29 of May of 2003. How much to the objectives, one is about analytical research in authors of reference in the treatment of the validation of cleanness systems, of qualitative boarding, whose interpretation if of the one for the acurado look of the investigator. As result of the research, he was demonstrated that the validation of the cleanness is sine qua non condition for the industrialization of pharmaceutical products what, consequentemente, it makes possible the quality, security and therapeutical effectiveness.


From then on, one consisted, despite ‘ ‘ heterognia and vacant, a category of rights that if destines to assure the human values and amongst these the valuation with the ecological movements in favor of the right of living in an environment not poludo’ ‘ (BOBBIO, 1992, p.06). From this, the conservation of the environment and the control of the pollution had equally become a question of international interest, rank that the protection of the human rights and the ambient protection go beyond the private domain to the States (TRINDADE, 1993, p.39). Therefore, the normative corpus of the international law of the human rights if extended, accumulating of stocks a great number of treat, ratified in regional and global orbit, with changeable fields of application and covering the protection of human rights of some types, and in different domnios of the activity human being (id and ibid, p.40). In such a way, in relation to the ambient protection, some treat mechanisms appear and in order to speed the performance in search of a healthful environment.

Amongst them it is the Protocol of Kyoto created with the purpose to diminish the emission of effect gases greenhouse. In Brazil this protocol was ratified in 2005, but the great challenge of the country still is to fight the deforestation of the forests, is standed out that this annihilating action still ‘ ‘ she is one of the main causes of the erosion of the ground and the loss of the diversity biolgica’ ‘ (DAYS, 1994, p.152). The spite of this formularization, the present article will investigate the influence of the Protocol of Kyoto on the legal protection of the forests in Brazil. For this, one becomes necessary to instrumentalizar as sources of studies ambientalistas doutrinadores, constitutionalist and to enclose to the ambient legislation. Thus, by means of this study, to optimize a reflection concerning the performance of this mechanism of ambient protection, as well as demonstrating if has effectiveness in the Brazilian context locating Brazil in the debates of Kyoto.


Since the antiquity, scientists and geniuses study, analyze, create and break paradigms, to explain science, the life human being, the PlanetTerra At last, explanation for everything searchs. In accordance with Kuhn (1998) the paradigms are was entered in the age of the ParadigmCartesiano ‘ ‘ Universe as machine, of the mecanicismo and the physical materialism, composing great reducionismo’ ‘ (PELIZZOLI 2002). The reason ‘ ‘ Cartesiana’ ‘ questioned or not, still it remains in the space between lineses social dasrelaes and of the construction of knowledge. The time of the neoliberalismo arrived, where the competition started to be> natural, or perhaps, badly necessary one. Existecompetio in everything: Economic blocks, Countries, Multinationals, PequenasEmpresas, Workers and in several other sectors. The engine of the globalizado world is the competitiveness.

so that this engine nopare to function, is fed by ' ' corrida' ' technological. To arrive in primeirolugar theoretically means to have the biggest economy. Thus, incessantee stops one ' ' burra' ' economic dispute in all the scales. ' ' Ter it substituted the Ser' '. On this Pelizzoli question (2002) it says the following one: The current crisis is the crisis of the hegemonic civilization, crisis doque if it calls ' ' our paradigm dominante' ' , that is, of the models to conceive omundo and in them relating, established in the dichotomy and brought problems Scientific pelRevoluo and the capitalist material progress. For Gonalves (2006) the market if showed skillful to find mechanisms to deremunerar the investments in accordance with its potential risks, the same not silk with regard to the ambient risks. This author still it affirms that the process deglobalizao brings in itself the globalization exactly of the exploration of the nature distributed comproveitos and rejeitos differently. I ruin it ambient already foifeito. The profit gotten with this I ruin was not divided between the peoples doplaneta, highly contrast in the world rich nations with society consumistacom poor nations of hungry villains.

Canadian Issues

The exit for this problem is investment. ' ' It is more easy than to decide the problem of escassez' ' , If, to decide the problem of the quality of the water, she will be necessary to invest in sanitation, the solution for the scarcity of the hdrico resource is more complex. ' ' In half-barren regions, as the Northeast of Brazil and the west of the United States, it has a relation of climatic scarcity. Some countries that face the problem already come adopting practical of conservation and efficient use of the water. Other nations use the dessalinizao of the water of the sea to take care of the demand. It is the case of the Saudi Arabia that has much oil and no water. They arrive at the extremity of dessalinizar the water of the sea to produce wheat, encarecendo produo' ' , she affirms Braga.

' ' An alternative for such regions is the importation of the virtual water, that is, to import foods (BRAGA, 2008, P. 24.). ' ' The States Joined, Brazil and Canada can exert a basic paper in this setor' ' , the director of ANA comments, standing out, however, that this possible alternative finds barriers for being a question of national security guard, especially if the forecasts of future wars and disputes will be confirmed. In accordance with a report divulged for the 2008 ONU at the beginning, the access to the water will be the main cause of armed conflicts in next the 25 years, especially in the regions more devoid as the American continent. 1,2 WAR HIDRICA Far from if configuring as a distant and absurd reality, the forecasts on the water as the main cause of the wars in a well next future are supported by diverse projections, that pass will put factors as the climatic changes, the demographic growth and the unsustainable management, pointing with respect to a scene each more problematic time in the question of the hdricos resources.

Republic Development

He is well-known that the beauties of Brazil, in special the located ones in the Amaznia are each day more aimed at by tourist of the whole world given the intense speeches on preservation and sustainable development, area this where the ecoturismo enters as main tool of economic and social development. To use to advantage this immense potential, more necessarily in the Region of the Tapajs necessary investment in infrastructure in general way becomes, more mainly in the hoteleira and aeroporturia part, being Santarm and Itaituba the main cities of the region main receivers of this public interested in knowing the beauties of the Region. The Plan of Sustainable Regional development for Area of Influence of Highway BR 163 (Santarm – Cuiab), document formulated for an Inter-ministerial work group co-ordinated by the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic in the year of 2006, brought as one of the main factors for the development of the Region of the Tapajs, the Ecoturismo. This document affirms: ‘ ‘ the studies elaborated for the Program of Development of the Ecoturismo in the Legal Amaznia, enclosing …, Polar region Weed Amaznia and Tapajs Polar region must be stimulated as form to mark out with buoys the planning of this activity and to guide the investments of the public and private power in the area of the BR-163. It enters the activities foreseen for the National Program of Ecoturismo and the Proecotur for period 2005? 2007 are: ) the accomplishment of courses of qualification in ecoturismo .; b) accomplishment of workshops of quarrel of the strategies elaborated for the Proecotur in partnership with the Ministry of the Tourism and debates in the Fruns State of Tourism and the City councils of Tourism; c) construction of a wallet of projects of ecoturismo of communitarian base, …; d) support to the implementation of the consisting units of conservation already, as the State Park of the Crystalline lens, the National Park of the Amaznia, the National Forest of the Tapajs, the Reserve Extrativista Tapajs-Arapiuns and the Areas of Ambient Protection of Alter of the Soil (Santarm) and of Aramana (Belterra); e) Implementation of the System of Georeferenciado-SIG Information for the development of ecoturismo.’ ‘ (BRAZIL, 2006) the actions that consist of this plan are basic in the development sustainable of the tourism, therefore, they are directed for the process of formularization, mobilization, execution and commercialization of the tourist product and in the definition of the instruments of politics and public administration of the activity as half of economic, social and cultural development of the populations of these areas. .

White Renewal

But these objects and citizens invent history, in the same way that the edges constitute non-separable part of the river, that inventam' ' 2. The art and/or its ' ' atores' ' if they brag on a constant renewal and, with effect, to the measure of possible the certain renewal in the half musical comedy it has happened, mainly when one is about renewals in the questions of ' ' roupagem 3 ' ' musical comedy properly said (some changes in ' ' roupagem' ' of certain musics it has brought significant improvements), however when if it deals with discursivas renewals, literal, we see that the letter of Rubens F. Days, still consists as thematic most current, effective and paradigmtica for many composers; the question drags that me stimulates and me to write on this subject passes for the following ones investigations/inquietudes: 1. Because subjects as implicit and the explicit ones in the more frequent letter had become each time in the popular songs? 2. Because the composers, although to speak in renewal, continue following the same thematic and discursiva logic? 3.

As the white public ' ' recepciona' ' or they assume themselves of the speeches of these songs? 4. How we, historians are dealing with such event? I think that the reply to these four questions will not deplete the quarrels excited in the statement, but it allows in them to understand very of this universe, this in the case of I to give account to answer I content them it, as I said previously, I am trying. Speaking of the first questioning we can say that subjects as these (passion, pardon, treason, declaration of love), even for being subjective, human subjects demasiadamente human, perhaps the public ' ' consumidor' ' of these musics if they see represented in these speeches, therefore these speeches leave of facts and estimated that they make part life of each independent human being of race, color, religion, etc.

Organizational Structure

In today's world more and more important information. Trend towards the rapid development of computing and transmitting-receiving equipment leads to the fact that the speed of data dissemination is expanding every day. Exit Internet accessible to a wide range of people. The World Network is not static, but expanding, modernizing, increasing the speed of data access, the number of .Sayt serves as a business card in the network Internet. In addition, it can perform many other functions that you order. Such functions could include: the possibility of ordering goods or services, communication, entertainment, information or assistance, file sharing, many others. Internet is becoming an important new link in the development of almost any organization: from small firms (for example, dealing with Smart Home systems> and other control facilities at home) – to corporations and large production (eg, security equipment). The set of orders for development (creation) sites and the promotion goes to the web-studio, which implement the requirements set by the customer. Organizational enterprise consists of departments, well-coordinated interaction of which provides a solution to the problem in time. In each division appointed head of the department, which is the link between his subordinates and other departments. Except addition, the head of the department responsible for the activities of his department. Consider separately each department of the organization: the department to work with clients – provides a link with the customer, clarifying and formalizes its claim to the project. After all the client's wishes, the department determines the timing of this job. Peter Asaro understood the implications. Department of web-design – work to create test models of future sites, including customer selects the most appropriate. Creating the final graphical representation of the site. Department web-programming – the implementation of all customer requirements relating to the software part of the project. For example, for Online store – are other elements such as management tools catalog of goods, means order and purchase goods via the Internet and others. Front test – verify that all site features. In the case of finding any flaws in the graphics or software component of the project, he goes back for revision in the relevant unit, then re-tested before full correction of all errors. Front Service projects – filling the site information content, site promotion in search engines and support services for the Internet resource. Finance Division – regulation of financial issues. External Relations Department – Provides for cooperation with other organizations such as companies that provide services to advertising on the Internet. Thus, the department is the link between the customer and partner organizations. Front Analysis and Development – examines the effectiveness of advertising the site on the Internet, searches for the best keywords for website promotion of the customer. In addition, following the change in the market for Internet services, analyzes competitiveness of the organization, based on which decisions are made about upgrading, retraining, staff or other measures to promote the company. Director – receives information on the progress of works, financial position and competition in the market from all departments, selects a strategy for the organization, supervises and directs the departments. Responsible for the activities of the enterprise.