Protection Plan Andalusian

Rental of flats with an option to purchase is a type of sale that offers the possibility of acquiring a property after a while rented, so that monthly payments that are paid in rent will be deducted from the price of housing at the time of purchase. Usually, in this type of contract, the term of rent ranges between 3 and 5 years. The main advantage of this option for the buyer is that the payments that are being carried out during the life of the lease will not a deaf ears. Thus, the tenant does not lose the money invested during the lease, but it is part of the final price of the property. This type of contract is valid both in new construction, and floors from eBay, and also in social housing. In the case of social housing is convenient to check the regulations in this regard in the community in which we find ourselves, because many of them: Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid.

This modality of purchase sales is encouraging. House of official Protection Plan Andalusian of housing, for example, fixed state aid of 40% of the price of the rent during the first two exercises, while from the second to the seventh year there is a 20% regional aid. If after seven years the tenant decides to buy the property, will be calculated as payment 50% of the paid until then. Lease with option to purchase the contract itself is similar to any lease. The difference is that it includes an additional clause in which the terms of the purchase option are fixed: price, deadlines, charges, granting of public deed and expenses and taxes. Stakeholders, therefore, have signed a joint agreement in which the landlord or homeowner yields in leasing your property for a stipulated time period and guarantees to the tenant who can acquire it in the terms that it secure the contract.

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