TC eMap is a tour planner module in the transport and freight exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO ® The carrier or for any freight forwarder can offer the route can be calculated. By country highway kilometers and the total distance of the relation be calculated. If necessary, there is also the possibility to add stages to optimize the route. To illustrate the chosen route in a digital map is displayed graphically. The displayed map is variable in size, the integrated zoom feature allows for magnification of the card right up to 20 meters. In this way, the various “points of interest, as seen, for example, gas stations, service stations, restaurants, hotels, car parks, train stations and shops, well. This helps the dispatchers, the detailed route planning. It also offers “TC EMAP” the opportunity to travel and ancillary expenses (such tolls, for example) for the selected ratio to calculate. Within seconds, the result is a good basis for thePrice negotiation with potential business partners. TCeMap draws its maps of Map24, the well-known route on the Internet.

Quality in Product

Quality in Product Since the 70s of the twentieth century, quality means not only confidence in the goods, but also as control and safety. Quality is often used with different meanings. Speaking of quality goods, people refer usually luxury goods or excellent. But its meaning is ambiguous and often their use depends on what each one means by quality. Since the 70s of the twentieth century, different protocols and standards of production have been joining, so that rules are set ISO. Any business organization that boasts the standards ISO is the perfect setting to direct its management and organizational lines. While the assembly line and mass production lines are at the root of quality systems has been improved a lot since the days when Taylor measured the efficiency of production of screws. In an increasing order of complexity of management, we found the quality control, quality assurance and total quality.Quality control remains a mere bureaucratic monitoring of the specifications if not contrasting, on the one hand you are looking for the recipient, and secondly what the market gives me. In the extreme, in an automotive component plant can potentially produce square tires, as long as they mark the transcribed instructions and manuals for this purpose. This means that we have a highly effective tool in consultation with customers and using the ‘feedback’ or survey results, so we can continuously improve my products and services. This is what some call “a complaint is a gift.” At the bottom rung of the hierarchy is the quality management systems, designed to be driven from the direction of a company and improve each and every one of the departments that comprise it, including human resources, procurement, control of the documents and records and customer satisfaction.The flags hoisted the standards of ISO 9001 continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Improved documentation and records, at the hands of those who use them, is the engine of progress of the entire system.

Experimental crops in Andalusia

Source: In 2007 some 600 hectares were planted corn insecticide BT (single crop approved in theory intended for animal feed) in Andalusia.Although most transgenic entry occurs in the import of genetically modified corn and soybeans for livestock feed intensive, do not forget the experimental GE crops. The Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine has made no secret in this case, the eleven applications for outdoor experimental field of GM maize from the companies Monsanto, Pioneer and Procida in a total of 67 municipalities of Andalusia, Aragon, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y Leon, Madrid, Extremadura, Navarra, Galicia and Catalonia. Major biotechnology companies joined forces, sometimes with the universities for these experiments. On 14 April 2009 will be presented Andalusia Platform Free of Transgenics with the aim of denouncing the claim GM agriculture and crops without modified seeds.His position on the coexistence is preventative, “zero tolerance” genetic pollution in all activities and all food products. Also no effort to denounce the government to provide information and ensure transparency about the technological applications that are presented as positive innovations (terminator, Transcontainer, nanotechnology, etc).

Family Health

Among the objectives of health reform that is underway, one of the pillars is to improve the care given at clinics in the country. To accomplish this, the chosen strategy is to change the approach which had been working for decades, a style characterized by healing, impersonal, and focused almost exclusively on the disease and not the person as a whole, towards a new approach known as health family. But what does this mean Family Health Family medicine is a discipline that is responsible for maintaining health in all its aspects, studying and analyzing the human body in a holistic way. This movement emerged in the U.S. and Canada in the 60s, by public discontent with the kind of attention impersonal and fragmented. Its main feature is the continuity of care. This means that there is a different team of health professionals in the field (doctor, nurse, midwife, dentist, psychologist, etc.) who will take charge of a number of families which continue throughout their lives, getting to know the main problems that afflict so we can address them in a more comprehensive or traditional biomedical approach. For this purpose, is conducting a series of changes in clinics, including sectorization, whereby families are distributed in different territories, being conducted by a team of header which will be responsible for safeguarding the health of all its members. Another important point is to provide comprehensive care, which means that he sees the person as a whole and not as a series of systems. For example, if a person has a problem in the eye and also a stomachache, you do not have to be referred to two different professionals to address each of their ailments. This is to improve the resoluteness of the health centers, avoiding long waits for hospital care. Arises is why a new medical specialty, which is the family doctor, a medical specialist, whose mission is to be the first contact of people with health, able to resolve the main and most common problems of people both in the biological and mental, as in the social area. Also must give a humanistic medicine and be skilled in the doctor-patient-family-community. On this last point, another important change in this process is to integrate the community into the daily work of health centers. Listening to their needs, serving together suggestions and prioritizing the most important problems. Finally, it is important to emphasize that not only is important to provide cure of disease, if not also educate people and provide preventive and promotional approach. That’s why today many of the old offices are being transformed into what is now known as CESFAM (Family Health Center), in which families must be segmented, providing continuity of care with a holistic and preventive approach . In summary, changes in the office at Family Health Center are: From the biomedical to the biopsychosocial (integral). It recuperative: to the preventive, curative and health promotion. From an individual work: a team work. Health sector leadership: community participation. Marcelo Larrea, Medical Family Health.


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objective and concise description to be achieved with the intervention being planned or implemented. The overall aim should be one. If not possible the project or program should really be considered as two or more sub-projects or sub-programs, proceeding to define a logical framework for each. Along with defining the overall goal are defined objectively verifiable indicators, procedures for their determination and external assumptions that must be satisfied as to achieve the overall objective, as the risk attributed to compliance.

Main Article: History

Main article: History of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Oil regarding the founding of the University of San Marcos in Lima, officially the first university in Peru and America, and his manager Fray Tomas de San Martin. The origin of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos is also the source of higher education in Peru, which dates back to the General Studies carried into the cloisters of the Convent of the Rosary of the Order of Santo Domingo, near the Plaza de Weapons to 1549, which had as main objective to meet the needs of training and education of clergy in the new Spanish Empire conquered territory.Subsequently, the council sent to Spain to Lima Fray Tomas de San Martin and Captain Juan Jeronimo de Aliaga, who-thanks largely to the efforts of first-order get the foundation of the university by Emperor Charles I of Spain and V, Holy Roman Emperor and Queen Joanna of Castile, daughter of the Catholic kings, by royal decree issued on May 12, 1551 in Valladolid, thus officially took place the foundation of the Royal College of the City de los Reyes, also referred to as Real Universidad de Lima. The reading of the royal decree, formally authorizing the operation of the “Universidad de Lima”, said the mission: “indoctrinate residents of these lands in the Christian faith and submission to the King. “With this principle, the university was formally launched on January 2, 1553, in the Chapter of the “Convent of Our Lady of the Rosary of the Dominican Order, under the leadership of its first rector Fray Juan Bautista de la Roca , the initial chair was delivered by Andres Carrillo Cosme Cianca and Corona, both under the supervision of the rector. The historic chapter house at the Convent of the Rosary of the Dominican, where he began work at the University of San Marcos. The guidance, in principle, strictly monastic and the exclusiveness and conservation of the Dominicans, and the continuous decline in members of other congregations led to the Dominicans lose their dominance and also a reaction generated by lay teachers, the claim increased openness led to ask the Royal Court meeting of the Royal Decree of 1570, which provided a free choice of the rector by the faculty teachers.The complaint went to the Viceroy Francisco de Toledo who befriended and ended the claim with the election of Dr. Peter Fernandez Valenzuela on May 11, 1571, the first lay rector, and the significant change in the orientation of the university. The officers of the university is reaffirmed by Nobis He stated the papal bull of Pius V on July 25, 1571, after receiving the “Go Regio Council Indies it subtracted the ecclesiastical courts to declare that” absolves friars, readers, teachers, students and anyone of you from any and all criticisms, judgments and ecclesiastical penalties, for any reason and cause incurred, acquired with this asimismola university degree of papal bull by what became known as the Real y Pontificia Universidad City of the Kings of Lima.Produced this first reform, the university moved to its second location, near the outskirts of San Marcelo “, where he had worked before the Convent of the Order of St. Augustine. On September 6, 1574 is chosen by lot the official name of the university, taking the evangelist St. Mark as patron of the institution and the official name of Royal and Pontifical University of San Marcos. In 1575, the university setting changes again, and placed in the Old Square Pond, later called Plaza of the Inquisition, where the building is now the Congress of Peru, place to continue its operation throughout the period of the Viceroyalty of Peru. Engraving of the old facade of the premises where the University ofSan Marcos ran throughout the viceroyalty, then this place would be transferred to the nascent Congress of Peru.The University of Lima, now officially named “University of San Marcos, began its work in the colonial era with the Faculties of Theology and the Arts, then it would create the canons of Law and Medicine, however academically when the standards who ruled in Spain, or start their duties with teaching philosophy as a foundation for any further studies. On November 27, 1579 asked teachers to King Philip II’s charter governing institution in the University of Salamanca, a legal medieval-history of the current university autonomy, which empowered the president to the exclusion of ordinary courts, have civil and professional jurisdiction over members of the faculty.

Since 1917

From 1913, oil exports acquire significant level until 1926, when they assume the lead role in the country’s trade balance, Venezuela is the oil, Venezuela is behind the agrarian economic structure changes, production Oil makes the economy turn around a new axis of export and emerging factors underlying a different organization of space. The oil Venezuela is characterized in space by the existence of a structure in which there are two key areas: the center and periphery, this implies the existence of a distribution of economic activities in which there is a greater importance of sites on the coastal and mountainous hinterland locations.This gives the area north-central coast and particularly the metropolitan area of Caracas, a centralizing role of population, economic activities and political and administrative steps, while the rest of the country participates little in the national development, it which will print a peripheral character. Excessive concentration of socioeconomic activities in the central-northern slows overall national development, for such spatial organization only allows you squeeze its resources to the periphery and reduced to a sluggish economic situation. This spatial imbalance can be overcome through the implementation of regional development policies, which require the formulation and implementation of regional development plans. This requires establishing administrative regions. The regional development plans have coordination outstanding characteristic in the space of the various economic and social activities of the future.

Money Inc.

Money Inc. Main article: Money Inc. Ted DiBiase officially formed the tag team, Money Incorporated, with Irwin R. Schyster (IRS). The duo were three-time WWF Tag Team Championship between February 1992 and June 1993. Their first reign came on February 7, 1992 when they defeated The Legion of Doom for the titles. Money Incorporated then feuded with The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon). They Defended the title against the Natural Disasters at WrestleMania VIII, and lost the match by countout, Malthus retaining the title. On July 20, they lost the title to the Natural Disasters. After losing a match to the Legion of Doom at SummerSlam, DiBiase and IRS regained the belts on the October 13 ion of Wrestling Challenge from the Natural Disasters. This title change led to a feud with The Nasty Boys, who were originally scheduled for the title shot. On the November 8 ion of Saturday Night’s Main Event, they Defended their titles against the Ultimate Maniacs (Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage). DiBiase and IRS lost the match by countout And thus retained the titles once more.Ted DiBiase Participate in the Royal Rumble match, entering at 4 before eventually being eliminated by The Undertaker. Shortly after, DiBiase and IRS became involved in a major angle with the returning Brutus Beefcake. DiBiase faced Beefcake on one of the first episodes of Monday Night Raw. DiBiase IRS Beefcake attacked after the match and slammed his face (which had been surgically repaired following the accident windsailing) with a briefcase. Money Inc. also attacked their manager Jimmy Hart, who was disgusted by their actions. Beefcake’s best friend, former WWF Champion Hulk Hogan, came to Beefcake’s defense and challenged Money Inc. to a tag team title match at WrestleMania IX. DiBiase and IRS retained their titles by disqualification after Hogan used Beefcake’s protective face mask as a weapon. They had a successful title reign as they dominated the tag team division of the WWF. They feuded with the Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) and had a series of title exchanges. DiBiase and IRS were defeated by the Steiners for the WWF Tag Team Championship on the June 14 ion of Monday Night Raw.They would regain the titles on June 16 at a live event but lost them back to the Steiners three days later on June 19 at another live event. DiBiase last wrestler for the WWF in August, bowing out following an angle Which face turn saw Razor Ramon and 1-2-3 Kid debut. The Kid had scored an upset pinfall against a cocky Ramon, causing Ramon DiBiase to mock him and tell him I would show how it was done. He then went on to also lose to the Kid, giving Razor a newfound respect for the Kid Malthus Razor turning face. This included a match at SummerSlam between Ramon Which DiBiase and DiBiase lost. After a few months in Japan, he quietly announced his retirement due to accumulated injuries and returned to the USA.

Modernity and Bibiotecologia

Definitions and clarifications The Library is a technique in which the field is made up of collections of books and periodicals (magazines and newspapers), with the change of times, and the emergence of new information formats, the library has had to adapt to these new forms and resources information, such as online journals, compact discs (CD-ROM) and DVD, microfiche, films (video-tapes, microfilm), audio tapes, etc.. Information Science is the science that is responsible for managing and processing all these information resources and make available, in a simplified and standardized for all users. The electronic world and the library In the world we live in, difficult to find a person who has not sought or created information through electronic means (Internet, CD-rom, dvd, etc.).. The electronic format, especially the compact disc and online databases have revolutionized the world of libraries, so it has been necessary to adapt the traditional card catalogs or cards to new formats, emerging electronic catalogs, being most of these public access (OPAC Online Public Access Catalogs – in English). The concept of collection has been transformed by the emergence of electronic databases, because they need not be physically housed in the library to be accessible to users and also by the volatility of the information they provide.This has been a profound change in the policies of collection of documents (whether in electronic or print) of modern libraries. The functions of the Library today Because of all these electronic changes, we need to redefine the roles of library and information science. In this sense we can make the following definitions: The library can be divided into theoretical and applied. The first section includes topics such as information theory and knowledge management, the study of information needs and how to meet the world, external factors that influence the interpretation of knowledge, and so on.The library applied addresses issues such as development and maintenance of collections, technical processes (acquisitions, cataloging, lending and discard or cleansing) of the collections, interlibrary cooperation, copyright, freedom of information (right of access to information), maintenance, management of the library or information unit, and so on. This area of librarianship is also known as bibliometrics. Along with Informetrics and Bibliometrics is the measure of the potential of documentary data transfer of a library system. Measure the amount of information possible with a search algorithm based on the keywords or descriptors that the reader uses natural language equivalents and synonyms that the system or database used to catalog the documents (terms contained in the categories in For the Wikipedia). It is like the number of references that you download an Internet search engine. The role of the librarian You can understand the role of the librarian as an intermediary between the user and the collection of the library or information center. In order to fulfill its function well, the librarian made called reference interview in order to assist the user of the library in the planning and execution of their search for information.

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