Screen Antenna

The exact position of the converter can be determined experimentally by moving it into the holder with the simultaneous assessment of the quality Pictures on the screen. It is certainly possible if the converter will be available after installation of the antenna in place, not 'hang' in the air five feet from the wall, blocking you from the mirror dish. In this case, we can offer two ways. You can find out the exact position of the converter from a seller in your system, and can spend "training" set in an accessible place and by determining the exact position of the converter, reposition your antenna to the final selected location. Sometimes it is not only accurate converter unit focused antenna, but also the correct position relative to the axis of rotation of the converter. Typically, each converter (refers to converters, monolithic combined with the polarizer and the radiator, which are used to mount the antenna on a satellite) is labeled "top", which is associated with the position of the built polarizer (corresponds to vertical polarization). But just up this label should only look at the satellite longitude.

If you install the dish east or west than the satellite, the converter must turn in a holder around its axis (see Fig. 2). Angles of rotation of the converter depending on the latitude and longitude of the difference between the position and the satellite are shown in the chart (Fig. 3). From the graph it is easy to see that the effect is more pronounced than further south (closer to the equator) you and are farther away from you (below the horizon) is a satellite.

Universal History

Always existed and will exist convincingly idealistic “men and women, women and hombresa ” which will move the brains of humans, to achieve a better world equitativoa “a can not sell images, you can not sell power … because in the end, the Universal History will put in place for those countries who handled some and others. Always existed and will exist convincingly idealistic “men and women, women and hombresa ” which will move the brains of humans, to achieve a better and fairer world: And is that nobody dies twice for the ideal.

He / Clocks are stopped / s in 09 h-26′-12 “, and as witnesses of the time, marked / marked a before and after any fact / s occurred in the history of mankind. Universal History is a pending, which is always latent, alive and full of remarkable events: dangerous, bad and good, scary, shocking, and so on. One can never forget … because I was taught to remember the day September 1, 1939, the 2.50 hours of the morning. Began to be heard the first shots of a war that lasted almost five years, the largest of the wars that human eye had ever seen comenzadoa “was the fiercest, the most expensive, bloodier, etceteraa “. After he came to call the World War II.

Contemporary Singles Search

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Summer Soon! Choosing Summer Tires

Spring is around the corner, and then the summer. This means that soon our iron horses need summer tires. But how to choose the right, tell your auto consultant. Remember that quality, and most importantly the correct selection of summer tires – is the key to your safety on the road. Platitudes about the non-use summer and winter tire in off-season and now we have no sound.

We elaborated on the optimal condition for a car. An important aspect in the selection of tire selection will tread. After all, tread pattern and its strong influence on all parameters avtoreziny. Since asymmetrical rubber holds the road perfectly. And the deeper the tread, the better it will conduct a rubber on the road and covered with puddles in the rain. The markings on the side of the tire Aqua will tell you that you have to deal with e special stamps avtoreziny, designed to work in wet conditions. Tread, with picture of a V on the contrary, excellent work is over on dry surfaces.

When we get avtorezinu thing to remember about the recommended sizes. For each brand automakers recommend several sizes, from which is not recommended to deviate. Of course, you may not prevent someone to purchase and install the tire is not a suitable size, but we must remember that use of such tires will adversely affect future operating car. And most importantly, your speedometer will not show your actual speed. And from this follows the possibility of further problems with traffic police. Tires are also marked with special indices, indicating the maximum load on the wheel and the maximum permissible speed. Since the indices Q – says the speed of 160 km / h, and the index "80" – the maximum load of 450 kg. If after installing the rubber poorly balanced, or require a large number of goods, a guarantee you are dealing with marriage, which is better to return. But first, check the wheels separately without rubber. If they are perfectly balanced separately, be sure to return the tires to the seller. After a good summer Rubber – it's your safety on the road.


Do you often think about how to decorate your home, make it cozy, special to waking up every morning of your home atmosphere uplifting and pleasing to the eye? If so, our article is for you. Make something exclusive without spending a lot of money and time is not too hard. Now there are many techniques, invented new materials, online or on the shelves you will find this a bunch of master classes. Have you heard ever thought about skarpbukinge? Or decoupage? Manufacture their own hands decorative candles, soaps, or beads made of papier-mache? You can make from readily available materials holiday cards, decorate their own shoes, table or a chair, make paper by hand. Aging of, gilding, marmorirovanie, painting in batik, making stained glass art – all available to you, you only have a desire, a little taste, and perhaps buy some materials. Often, ideas and inspiration tells us the nature: twigs, leaves, sea shells and stones – of all that you can make wonderful, unique things that will be filled with your warm and cozy interior will make your home. Of them can produce flowers, coasters, picture. For example, it is easy to produce a bouquet of roses from the fallen leaves of maple, the beauty of the bouquet, the smell of fallen leaves must pay attention to themselves. Having been in the woods in autumn, you can collect the fallen cones, flexible branches of deciduous trees and closer to the New Year to focus on creating a Christmas song.