Web Designers

Anyone would think that most important to consider a designer of pages Web it is to know the languages basic programming, the decisive thing that can get to be the planning in the design of the site or the content that will be to have and the truth are that it is not certain, most important at the time of creating a Web site is: TO CONVINCE THE CLIENT THAT ITS PAGE WEB MUST OF BEING EVIDENT. Most important at the time of designing a Web site it is to face us the preconceived ideas that it has the clients and to the design ideas that revolotean in their heads. It is certain that we must become attached us to the old man this of " To the client which pida" but As you would react, dear reader, when a client asks to him she attends that it in his own death? , Really to the client which asks. We are going to begin to define an evident site and soon we will leave you you decide if you want to convince its client or to save the possible confrontation. A page evident Web is in which in the 5 first seconds, after to have arrived at her, of in question account and in 5 following seconds it knows like sailing it. Please, this in the mind grbese: NOBODY IS GOING TO TAKE A SPECIAL COURSE TO LEARN TO NAVERGAR ITS PAGE WEB. In more than an occasion I have faced the obsessive necessity on the part of some client to have a navigation completely different from everything what exists, which is that this means, they put examples of possible ways to sail the page that go from bellboys distributed by all the page Web to navigation bellboys which less bellboys of navigation seem everything, happening through the location of the main bar of navigation in the possible most improbable places, and I only mention east element because the list would be interminable.


Anaxagoras (499 – 428 A. C) it was born in clazomene (towards minor) and dirijio to Athens in the 453. Bound by friendship and political adhesion to Pericles. It was accused by impiedad by the enemies of this and one was forced to leave the city in the 434. Passing away in lampsaco. Anaxagoras was according to Diogenes Laercio, was " first that to marteria, aadio intelligence. The Ionian tradition renews in Anaxagoras, in whose opinion nothing is generated nor destroyed, but is simple mescla and separation. The fundamental question of the pre-Socratic philosophy.

The interrogation by the permanent being with a view to the explanation than occurs and changes. It is solved by Anaxagoras not by means of the supposition of a only principle nor by means of the affirmation of which the being only is. " but fine and pure of all the things " nous is therefore the principle of the order but also the principle of animation and individualisation of the things that constitute the harmonic order of the universe, but nous produces the order of a way anticipated from always. Not as a destiny, but like a force. Mechanic that it develops from its own center, that is to say, of the center of its movement in eddy nous is therefore, principle of the movement, but of a movement that extends almost blindly, because it is animation rather that fulfillment of a necessary justice.

For that reason it affirms Aristotle who the thought of Anaxagoras lacks clarity. Because although it explains the transit of the chaos to the order like intervention in the confused thing and mesclado of the pure thing and without mescla it explains, it without justifying as well the purpose of this pure and universal spirit. The perception of the things takes place, according to Anaxagoras, by means of the sensation of the differences between our the external senses and objects.

Economic Latin American Institute

It returns to Santiago of Chile to be director of publications of Economic Latin American Institute and Social (ILPES) from 1967 to 1972. Cepal returns to refund in to carry out finally position of director of his division of documents and conferences, in that it remains until 1975, which it returns to Spain, to live between Nerja and Madrid. It collaborates in many newspapers and magazines: ABC, Araucaria, Helipolis, nsula, the Coast, the Country, Town, the South, Trilce In 1987 the City council of Nerja appoints children adoptive of Nerja to Francisco Giner of Rivers and to its wife Maria Ten Luisa Canedo to demonstrate to very many love and dedication to Nerja. Its work done Day. Poetry: 1934-1952 (1953) put before us a very complete panorama of its creation until that moment, in the following years it will publish new collections and loose poetry. In May of 1940 it publishes the alive branch, that takes to a very enthusiastic prologue of Juan Ramon Jimnez. With its ardor says the poet to constant-us of Moguer-, crosses of the fire of loa loves ether to us. Francisco Giner of the Rivers (what fortune.

Absent whole number, jeneroso and free, that your name takes today takes that it) a young poet, whose inner life, beautiful Spanish carnation in tight live coal, explodes with language of true poetry and true love, unique possible redimidora of our deaf life. These youthful verses were, partly, written before I exile of the poet and published in Mexico. Passion first and Romancerillo of the faith saw the light in 1941. In 1948 it publishes the Laurels of Oaxaca. Later they will see the light Poems Mexican (1958), Weeping with Emilio Meadows (1966), You chose and Spanish poems (1966), By Carob tree and the Tabo, with the lights of Valparaiso (1980) and Rough draft of New Year (1986), Along with his wife Maria Luisa Dez-Canedo translated the Byzantine empire of Norman H. Baynes. And as the poet said who underwent the bitterness and the solitude of I exile but which never she was won in his love to Nerja: you clear the air to me/to neither you rob the rose me,/nor hide the sky to me. /On a mount of Spain/I want to return to see them. Francisco Aryan Soli’s the world is our mother country, our brothers those that everywhere defend the freedom (Phrase of Fermn Salvochea glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember to Salvochea) Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum.

Brazil Used

If the produced seasoning will be of great amount and you not to use everything it donates the neighbor to it or it commercializes with accessible price the population, therefore it is about a product of low investment. In two months the compostagem process will be finished and the seasoning could be used. To make the compostagem of the residues domestic servants you will be reducing the garbage you domesticate in about 60%, reducing expenses with the service of collection of the same. As the compostagem is a natural process is ideal that if revire the layers of three in three days one better oxygenation and to speed up the decomposition process. Where to use or to apply the composition? It can be used with a mixture of 1/3 of composition, 1/3 of sand and 1/3 of land making of it a rich seasoning for new plants, plants of interiors and floreiras.

The maturado composition used in is relvados, seedbeds, floreiras, vases and boilers of the trees, in projects of paisagstica architecture with a mixture of 40% of land and 60% of the composition if it becomes ideal for new shrubs, trees, relvados and seedbeds. It can be used as cattle bed, adds organic substance when applied in the plantations and used at any time of the year the organic garbage this being compostado in a small container with the size of 40x15x20 m for experiment. This in decomposition rinds of fruits and lgumes and leves. It does not present odor of rotten, insects and ants. This challenge beyond being is a new experience reducing the organic garbage compostando, this all being reaproveitado and leaving of being made use in the municipal lixo. Hmus produced in the end of the process will be used in the plants and vases of the residence of the author of the project. Bibliographical references: Domiciliary Compostagem.