The Aid

63). We understand that, in the hodiernos days, the used strategies of survival for the families, are created and recriadas in a very favorable context. If on the other hand we evidence that the family, although to have that to face diverse adversities independently of as is constituted today it continues being optimum place for the guarantee of the survival, of the protection of its members. It is whom she provides to its components, emotional, affective and material support so that the same ones can develop its potentialities. On the other hand, the possibilities that the family has to materialize such support are restricted for the social reality, that structurally is marked by the inaquality and the existence of social classrooms, being that many times the proper way of familiar organization is also configured as a strategy of familiar survival. In short, we understand that the new arrangements familiar having as focus families where the grandmothers participate as suppliers consist an exchange relation enter the generations in view of supplying the necessities of its members. We see that the papers of the grandmothers already are not more the same ones, these now participate more actively of the life of its grandsons and its responsibilities go since the simple contribution with the familiar budget until commanding the same family or to possess the familiar power of its grandson. The familiar dynamics propitiates to the new grandmothers experiences, no matter how hard in some cases the aid to the grandsons is the only exit for the development of the children and/or adolescents. The grandmothers without a doubt some gain a new status in the family, its paper were expanded, extended and also moved.


With this, the State was committed before the citizens to grant to each family an apartment to tone with the present requirements in a minimum and conditional term by the economic possibilities. It was committed, also, not to reduce the rates of the construction of houses, to guide themselves by a right order in the distribution of apartments, to maintain at a low level the rent, to lift the domiciliary quality constantly and to increase for it the investments in the construction of the same. The state budget of the USSR for 1981 assigned to residensial construction 18.7 billions of roubles and other 7 billions for the maintenance of the houses (the rent that the citizens only paid covered the third part with these expenses). If we added these two numbers, the result will be time and average major that the expenses for the defense. L.I. Brzhnev emphasized in XXVI the Congress of the PCUS, that the house it occupied a most important place in our social program. It is precise-say-to distribute the houses with particular attention, objectivity and probity. Economic aspect.

In the USSR it was constructed annually more than 100 million meters squared of inhabitable surface. On the average, each meter cost to the State approximately one sum to him equivalent to the half monthly wage of a worker or employee. Then, how much money won, for example, an employee? At that time it gained an average of 150 roubles per month, which was equivalent to about $ 170. The highest cost of the construction prevented that the State could erect more. It inspected special importance of reducing the cost of the construction without harming the comfort and the aesthetic one. This was a task economic and, simultaneously, social. The total mass of structures and construction equipments in that one time happened of 2.5 billions of tons, to these corresponded to them more of a quarter of the transport of loads by iron route and more than half, by waterway.

Booking Madrid

Negrse cannot that the capital of the kingdom of Spain is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities of the old continent. To arrive at this city is to be with the world in little kilometers, with infinity of possibilities as much for which they arrive with desire to work like for they choose which it to enjoy a deserved rest. " Booking Madrid" , it will be the key word to find lodging, because without concerning your language it will serve to discover the best hotels. In Madrid there are hotels for all the tastes and pockets, from luxurious inns to 5 stars, near the most attractive sites for the moved away tourists like of the city, in places that are wonderful to discover the daily life in the city. For registrarte in a Madrilenian hotel you must think first about the clear budget, besides the season in which you will arrive, perhaps since like vast metropolis of numerous international events, you are whereupon the majority of the hotels of downtown has their occupied rooms although never the hotel capacity is run out and you notice that it does not do lack to spend to secure excellent lodging much, although you must walk some streets until arriving at downtown. Between the places more famous to find lodging, near the large city of Madrid you can take like reference: The Door of the Sun: that it not only indicates downtown but is also the center of all the peninsula. Also you will find the site here where you will have tomarte a photography that creates to you, that you were in the city, next to the statue of the Bear and the Madroo, symbol of Madrid. The Place of Villa: where Sede of the Archbishopric, the House of Culture and the old Town hall are located. It was the most important place of the city in very distant times.

Marriage Arrangements

It learns to decorate its marriage with form flowers the one that this can translate the only style of both, fianc and fianc. It can be varied immense, consonant the style of the place where it is to think to carry through the wedding, consonant the schedule the one that the party will be gone to carry through above all and, consonant the amount of money or available budget. One of the most important item in any decoration for marriage party is the arrangements of flowers used not only in the decoration of the church in itself, as well as in the decoration for the table centers, where it will be gone to accomodate the people its guests. But as to decorate marriage with flowers? Also the towels that if use on the tables, the loias, the cups, the places setting or the napkins, will have to be presented of a spotless and absolutely perfect form, thus establishing a perfect harmony with the remaining decoration. Our first tip to decorate marriage goes for decoration that is made with the floral arrangements, that can or not, to be total different of the floral arrangements with that bouquet of used fianc in the day of its marriage will go to compose its. Orqudeas, roses, flowers of the field, irises or gerbras are only some of the appreciated flowers more in the generality of the fiancs.

The colors more used to make the marriage decoration, must translate which imperatively will go to be the style of the party. If the flowers will be white, then they will give a touch of pure sophistication, inigualvel; already the red flowers exhale pure sensuality and romantismo. Tones softer such as the lilacs, the rose one, the whites or yellows can result in a charmosa and very delicate decoration. This combination of made colors with flowers, will be able to result very well in a decoration of party of marriage made in a place to the outdoors. It stops beyond the flowers, can also decorate its marriage with resource to the candles.

The use of these floating decorative adereos all transforms an environment into a sensual and very romantic place. They could be placed as centers of table or side by side next to the floral arrangements, but it has caution, for not if to leave to fall in exageros. The use of fixed candles is very elegant, being therefore the type of recommended and adjusted candles more for this type of occasion. They could be used in the decoration of its party of marriage obtaining to transform the environment into more romantic a less illuminated place and therefore. It uses them whenever it is possible, tipped of arrangements of flowers. Relatively to the size for the floral arrangements, the options could be three: of high size, low average or so great size. However, the height measured or high for floral arrangements in marriages, is not recommended, given that it compromises the visualization between the diverse guests, making it difficult and confusing the dialogue between them.

Original Presentation

Enfcate in its needs. After to have identified the needs of your public, you do a list of benefits that you could contribute to them by means of your presentation. It deals with ponerte in its shoes and determines what things interest to him, worry to him or they frustrate to him and structures your presentation around these points. For example, if you are going to make a presentation on the conservation of the water-bearing sources, something that surely it would worry to your public is how its monthly budget in prepared water purchase would be affected if the rivers are reduced. It begins and so it interests to them.

In the introduction of your presentation you must mention the problems that affect or they interest the public to him, this way when speaking of its needs and interests you will obtain its attention. Following the example previous you could give some data as which is the cost average monthly in water bottled consumption of a family and followed to do the following question and to say to them: how they think that it would affect you to them if this cost is increased by 10? , that is the reason for which we must apply measures to conserve the rivers. Hacer questions related to the interests, needs or benefits of the public is a good technique to catch its attention.

European Commission

This considerable reduction of the eligibility of the Deep a three countries beneficiaries were, however, quickly, exceeded for the extension of the eligibility to the ten new States Members that had adhered in 1. of May of 2004.' ' The Deep one of Cohesion is the appropriate tool for the reduction of the regional inaquality, a tool that functions with the intention to balance the trade balance of all the members. Today more than the half of the States Members is reached with the benefit of the Deep one of Cohesion, only for a reason or purpose illustration, detaches the repassed money Ireland: ' ' Ireland benefited of a total of 7.840 million euros in the period of 1994 the 1999, of which 1,490 million euros had been attributed in the picture of the Deep one of Cohesion, that is, 19%. For the new States Members, the part of the Deep one promotes 35% on average. ' ' The Deep one of Cohesion has a superior annual budget what it is attributed to the ISPA, beyond what presents a considerable increase of the activities in just the States Members. However, the experience in the sample by means of European Commission of the beneficiaries of the ISPA that the projects of great sum for the authorities of the European Union, this because the projects are of extreme quality, planned for technician highly qualified. Of the proposal above in 2004 the European Commission, intervined as mediating between the beneficiary countries, whose proposal was to stimulate the reinforcement in the ability of management of the deep ones of the community. Fitting to the beneficiaries (States Members) to define the mediated ones to be taken, without, however to leave of focar, in the stages of the identification, election and preparation and evaluation of the projects. In regards to secular evolution, it is emphasized, the period that goes of 2007 the 2013, already it are foreseen a relation of deep interdependence and synergy between structural and the Deep one of Cohesion, this, of the point of view on the infrastructure, as it points the third report.

Industrial Assistance

In this I break up above, perceives that the crisis was surpassed by the sector in middle of years 50 of century XX with the introduction of the synthetic leather that became the product more cheap facilitating its commercialization in the local market. In the history of the formation of the coureiro-caladista sector of the Paraba in such a way the small groups formed for small pioneering producers as the Mottas that during World War II had its total production of manufacture of boots vendida for the Brazilian Army, as well as a small group of great companies comings of the Center-South of the country, from the creation of the SUDENE, had been gifts in the construction of the paraibano caladista sector. But, after all we can make one another investigation: Where it consists the origin and the evolution of the industry of tannery in the Paraba? First Egidio Furlanetto Luiz said the following one: ' ' The period … between postwar period until the end of years 50, had … a development of the coureiro sector in the State of the Paraba with increase of the exportations, with Great Campina consisting the main coureiro polar region of the northeast State …. ' ' (FURLANETTO, 2004, P.

4). One perceives for this reading that the understood period enters the postwar period World War II until the end of years 50 of century XX, had a communication around the economic development of the coureiro sector in the State of the Paraba of the exportations, with Great Campina consisting, thus the main coureiro polar region of the State, being that he is one of most important of the northeast State of paraba. In consequence of this, this growth has if restricting during the decade of years 70 of century XX, but in Great Campina it continued being excellent and importance for the sector, is enough to say that in 1973 of century XX, when the Nucleus of Industrial Assistance of the Paraba NAI/PB – initial cell of what it would come to be the current SEBRAE, when carrying through one diagnosis of the Industry of Leathers and Footwear in the state of the Paraba, only identified that of the five industrial tanneries of State four they met in Campina Great e, one in Joo Person.