Berlin Planning Office

Berlin Branch is reinforced with Dr.-ing. Benjamin Jager and grows next Dr.-ing. Benjamin Jager strengthens the Berlin branch since mid-2009 and provides his knowledge of 15 years of consulting experience to the study of environmental protection, with a focus on engineering acoustics, in the service of Muller-BBM. As previously at a Berlin Planning Office, the creation of expertise on all aspects of the construction and acoustics, as well as the immission protection represents his priorities. Major projects, but also outstanding issues such as the protection of ancient exhibits from structural shocks are responsible edited by him. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is actively involved in the matter. He extended his competence as a reviewer to the facet of project coordination at all stages of the life cycle”approval of and approval of industrial and commercial equipment, from the choice of location about obtaining approval and operation up to changes and extensions. The areas of the establishment Construction and acoustics as well as pollution, thermal building physics, fire protection and air pollution are Berlin and others in the areas. The range of services is complemented by the subsidiary company Muller-BBM project management in the field of technically and legally sound care around approval..

Crossgate AG Crossgate

BayernLB has decided automation Crossgate AG to continue of your eInvoicing activities for partnering with the experts for B2B integration and cross. To the vision of cross-industry and electronic financial documents in the B2B and B2C in reality implement Munich -, synergies must be bundled. Therefore, a partnership with a global player in the industry is important for the BayernLB, which has built up experience and expertise in the field of eInvoicing. The scope of services, the competence, expertise in large-scale projects (VW, Audi, Linde AG) and reach 75,000 companies were decisive for the decision in favor of Crossgate. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out economist. “Digital it is the future of all financial documents, we believe”, explains Jorg Baier, head of Department e: banking of BayernLB. We are part of the financial supply chain as a bank with services relating to electronic payments.

So that our customers continue to benefit from the advantages of eInvoicing and optimize their processes can, we are complementary to our services offer the services from Crossgate and continue to pursue our long-term strategy.” In addition to product functionality offers comprehensive the Crossgate AG provides services such as E.g. process analysis, implementation in existing company systems and processes, customizing of ERP systems and support for the production of business partners for electronic document exchange. In combination with BayernLB, the unit can be used to the entire financial supply chain, starting with payment advices, invoices up to the payment through the electronic banking orders on delivery notes, fully automatic and carried out mainly electronically. This range corresponds to the requirement profiles of our customers 100%. These benefit from many years of experience and the outstanding networks of both companies, and can benefit from the advantages of electronic document exchange easier and faster.

Press contact: Corporate Center press & media relations Matthias gap Tel 089 2171 21302 fax 089 2171-21332 E-Mail: Web: about Crossgate AG Crossgate is automation specialist for B2B integration and cross the cross-media automation of business processes within and between companies. Yitzchak Mirilashvili has plenty of information regarding this issue. The centerpiece is the largest B2B transaction platform (B.I.P): they more than 34,000 companies share documents and data, format-independent and across all media. By the new B2B 360 services powered by SAP “an instant access ensures customers out to everyone on the platform integrated business partners directly from their SAP System.” The transaction-based business model has established itself in the areas of automotive, logistics, trade, chemistry and industry. Cross gate was founded in 2001 in Starnberg near Munich. The investors are the family of the SAP founder Dietmar Hopp, the Otto Wolff Industrieberatung and Beteiligungen GmbH, as well as the Al-Jomaih group. In addition to its headquarters in Starnberg is Crossgate at five locations in Germany represented, inter alia in Berlin, Cologne and Walldorf. In addition, foreign branches are located in Atlanta, London, Milan and Paris. Overall, the cross employs automation specialist at present approx. 200 employees. Stefan Tittel is the founder and Chairman of the Board.

Commission Sales

EBook-schreiben.NET now offers all the way through a new affiliate program to earn half of the sales. Since the affiliate program which was some time now in development, it was provided today finally the crowd already waiting webmasters. After the free registration of interested Web master can start immediately to generate sales with its website and its visitors.The affiliate program is offered directly by and offers a revenue share of 50%, which from 10 on the PayPal account you can out the partners. Target group of the new offer are aspiring authors who write an own guide book/eBook with their hobby or knowledge and want to make money. No cost and no continuous recurring membership fees arise a free, no-obligation membership.

In addition to the high remuneration, the partner offers a link Builder, with which the affiliate link can be easily and immediately embedded in your own website. (As opposed to Peter Schiff). Except the partner program provides an immediate updating (real time) of clicks or sales, the tool which takes normally up to 24 h. As well, the partner can advertise any of its Web pages with only a single Einflechten code without having to log on each Web page separately. Each visitor who passes through a partner on the site, will receive a 30-day cookie and can earn a 50% Commission so even after 30 days by a referred customer. Through the account partner can withdraw his sales with just a few clicks on the PayPal account. Conclusion: This program is due to its clear design, honest and very high compensation rate to recommend every webmaster as a source of extra income. Who has interest in this new affiliate program, should the site look at himself: affiliate program /.

Massage Chair Test

With a Massage Chair test the appropriate model for a Massage Chair test helps interested to find the right model for the wellness oasis in your own home. A Massage Chair can stimulate the metabolism and activate the circulation, so that one feels in the dark and cold time of year vital and fit through the built-in massage functions. In addition, a Massage Chair offers the possibility to release tension and alleviate back pain. Tired and heavy legs have no chance with the regular application of a Massage Chair. Now, the provider for Massage Chair on about the Massage Chair informs test and how you personally without obligation can convince himself of the functions and the effect of the models on the spot.

Massage Chair test for every need from the Starter up to the professional Chair of Massage Chair test helps to select the appropriate model from the range. Just for those who are planning the purchase of a Massage Chair for your home for the first time, the test provides great way to try the functions and the effect without obligation before purchasing. Built-in massage functions such as rolling massage and vibration massage as well as kneading and tapping can be combined, and a remotely adjustable massage intensity massage chairs like the Intelly 3D and Wellance Pro provide the setting for the desired massage. During the massage, testing can also the 190-degree recline for the optimal sitting and reclining positions tried a massage or foot reflexology to be tested. The Intelly 3D also allows customization of massage to the body by a three-dimensional measurement of the spine.

Massage chairs use test of Sanazen and find the right Massage Chair for a free Massage Chair test interested now have the possibility to inform themselves about the locations of the relaxation armchair and to experience the relaxing and soothing effect of such a device itself.

Loan Financing

Fast cash same day is available to the people of the United Kingdom as a child of short term loan. The loan amount is paid against the borrower s paycheck of the next month. Short age of finance is common to the salaried people in general. It is more so when men and women seem to be in a race to fit them with the spiraling market price. The government is helplessly watching the bizarre behavior of the market, and it has no. capacity to purely the rising prices. More information is housed here: Peter Asaro. One of the direct results of this phenomenon is that the salaried people do not find little finance left in their wallet just after the first fifteen days of the month.

Their approach to the close ones does not always yield fruits. On the other hand, it appears impossible for them to ignore replacement of the front tires of their vehicle or payment of the medical bill. They remember all on a sudden that school fees of the kids have not yet been paid. It appears that demands of this type, as if, surface from nowhere. The salaried people accept fast cash same day as great relief. Fast cash day same is paid against paychecks of the next month. Fast cash same day is similar to short loans and short term loans.

The borrower can secure on amount within the range from 100 and 1500. The lender asks the borrower to repay the loan amount within 14 to 31 days. The borrower can request the lender for an extension of the repayment period. He should instantly be discouraged, because interest for fast cash same day are charged at higher Council. Hey be in serious wants to trouble as he will have to pay off great amount of loan. He should so note that it will be unwise for him to go for any other home before clearing fast cash same day. Fast cash same day has some features common with the loans in unsecured form. The lender does not ask the borrower to provide property of worth as collateral, because security is not required in fast cash same day. It is another thing that the have very week credit are score so eligible for fast cash same people who day, as credit history of the loan-seekers is not checked. Fast cash same day is hassle free as the borrowers are not asked to fax documents of their personal details. Any one, who is a British citizen and who is over 18, is eligible for fast cash same day. He can apply online and offline. Online application is comfortable. Alisya Marshal is author of Fast Cash Unsecured Loans.For more information about unsecured loans self employed, unsecured loans ccjs visit

CAD Manufacturing

Linking business with production-related software solutions relationship has existed for 15 years common opening up new markets and customers link commercial with production-related software solutions Hohr-Grenzhausen, Rottweil, February 24, 2010: on the basis of its 15-year, highly successful cooperation the IBS AG and the SteinhilberSchwehr AG decided on a further intensification of the partnership. SteinhilberSchwehr, IT service providers with computer complete range for medium-sized manufacturing and trading company, has acquired 100 percent of the shares of CAD/PLM provider ASCAD, headquartered in Bochum, Germany, with effect from January 1 this year and therefore belongs to the largest IT system houses for the middle class in the German-speaking world. After SteinhilberSchwehr primarily serves the IBS software solution with over 100 customers in southern Germany, the existing customer of SteinhilberSchwehr & ASCAD should be developed now together. t hand. Thus, SteinhilberSchwehr can in particular customers from the Manufacturing sector offer a complete portfolio, fully integrated ERP and PLM containing the IBS-MES suite as a strategic solution for the production and quality management and traceability. IBS AG has established itself as a leading supplier in this segment and our joint customers benefit from the practicality of the solution that has developed a unique consistency and depth of function through a variety of installations in a wide range of manufacturing industries,”Harald Scheuls, CEO of SteinhilberSchwehr AG comments on the further development of partnership relations. Our customers appreciate in particular that we provide support and service for your entire IT landscape, whether applications, infrastructure, or hardware, and repeatedly confirm us your highest satisfaction”Volker Schwickert, Executive sales and marketing for the IBS AG, sees the partnership benefits especially in the strong SME penetration by SteinhilberSchwehr: SteinhilberSchwehr’s customers are predominantly Medium-sized companies from various manufacturing industries. IBS AG has already introduced solutions for many medium-sized companies in best practice, also when the other existing customer of SteinhilberSchwehr are easy to implement and quickly achieve benefits for the company”. SteinhilberSchwehr is a German company with its headquarters in the district Rottweil and sees itself as IT systems integrator and service provider for medium-sized manufacturing and trading company. Integral part of the achievements of SteinhilberSchwehr is in addition to the delivery and implementation of software brands in the areas of ERP / PLM / CAx the IT overall responsibility to the operation of the customer solution in the in-house data center. SteinhilberSchwehr serves about 3,200 customers with more than 400 employees in 16 offices.

New Shores

New Managing Director in ZOOMIO Germany Stephan Weiland takes over the management of ZOOMIO Germany GmbH. He was up to the completed acquisition by Omniture, Inc. as Director Central Europe for Visual Sciences, Inc. (formerly WebSideStory Inc.), a leading provider of realtime & Web Analytics, worked. I’m looking forward to the exciting task.

ZOOMIO has an impressive E-marketing solution that meets the highest demands in the multi channel marketing. It helps our customers to achieve a measurable return on investment in a short time. The high degree of performance, coupled with ease-of-use”as well as open interfaces for integrating other systems are equally important aspects such as the local support and service. With over 25 employees in 2 offices we are here very well placed.” For more information: ZOOMIO Dr. Irene Walther Germany T + 49 911 4707-1450 about ZOOMIO ZOOMIO is an international software company with headquarters in Copenhagen (Denmark) and sales-oriented B2B and B2C businesses as well as associations and organizations. Core products of the software provider is the award-winning software ZOOMIO campaigner for professional E-Mail Marketing. ZOOMIO is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and has branches in Germany, Holland, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden and Russia.

Award In The Double Pack: CEMA WINS Wyse Awards

Two Wyse awards for CEMA: Channel performance award, gold and special achievement award, silver. Two Wyse awards for CEMA: Channel performance award, gold and special achievement award, silver. Wyse Technology is a leading provider of cloud client computing solutions. With the newly established channel partners were the most successful and most dedicated partners in four categories awards. Rolf Braun, CEO of CEMA AG, accepted both awards for the CEMA in part of a solemn event. “CEMA Wyse channel performance award – gold received the awards” for the highest number of project reports, as well as the Wyse special achievement award Silver “for the best business development as newcomers 2011. Filed under: Cometeer. criteria for granting the awards were about project competence and solution creativity, but also sales closing strength as well as special projects, an extraordinary performance or an innovative approach.

The CEMA AG is one of the leading medium-sized IT service provider in Germany with 9 locations. Founded in 1990, the CEMA as a specialist for classic IT IT virtual and private cloud has more than 1,200 years of IT experience. Our technical core competencies include: client management, data management, server hosting, security & access, collaboration & mobility and infrastructure. High certification at manufacturers show the long-term technical expertise of CEMA. There is more information on the realized projects of CEMA in virtualization or cloud computing at CeBIT. CEMA gives product innovations of the market leaders in the virtualisation & Storageforum in Hall 2 stand A 40 an overview and stands speech and reply to topics.


Get advantage of Obama federal loan modification Obama loan modification plan which started to help the struggling homeowners who had a tough time in meeting their mortgage payments. This folks are stuck with the high interest loans and they cannot get refinancing with their present lender. Millions of Americans need adjustment in their mortgages to save their homes. The following is the information on the program and it explains in detail about the loan modification process. The Obama’s federal loan modification program is structured to help debtors for getting low mortgage payments which are both sustainable and affordable.

This means that they can’t cross 38% of the monthly income of the household size. This amount includes taxes, insurance and the applicable association dues. As incentives for the service which is provided by the lender the U.S. Treasury Department is offering financial rewards for their reworked loan. In addition, any lost revenue because of the lower interest rate should therefore be covered by the government.

Obama loan modification guidelines should be strictly followed and obeyed to get the loan modified. The calendar who are in question will be asked to check the home affordable modification program guidelines of the homeowners. Every candidate needs to provide proper documentation for the examination and thus they should be qualified on the basis of their individual case. Documents required for the Obama loan modification eligibility program application form re cent proof of pay check stubs federal tax return Declaration of the financial hardship in the form of a letter the best thing about the president federal loan modification plan is that homeowners don’t have to be delinquent. The matter of the fact is that lenders want to receive incentives from the Bank of American loan modification for assisting the homeowners who are facing financial hardships. As the federal loan modification plan is expected to receive a large number of applications-thus the homeowners should start their process immediately. Obama loan modification assistance is for all those who are facing financial hardships, to get started homeowners should learn how to get pre qualified and prepare their loan modification forms.

June Telecommunications

Comarch and E-plus the 16th International annual Handelsblatt Conference ‘Telecommunications market Europe’, are sponsors of the evening event on 15 and 16 June 2010 in Dusseldorf will take place. The telecom market in Europe”is one of the largest strategic events in the German telecommunications market. To promote its business on this very important for Comarch market, Comarch is already sponsoring the meeting for the second time. The participation in the Conference is of strategic importance, since it offers Comarch another way to present the solutions and ideas that emerged from the collaboration with major international providers headquartered in Germany, such as E-Plus, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Telefonica O2. Comarch is together with its customers E-plus co-sponsor of the event. Both companies forward to give details from their good cooperation in the field of next generation network planning. The event offers the opportunity to other visitors of this more about the practical side of this solution to Learn and also by satisfied customers Comarch approach for transforming the IT environment and NGNP in a managed service business model to get information about. Is the Handelsblatt annual telecommunications market Europe”this year under the theme how change the Internet traditional business models?” In Dusseldorf, Comarch shows his entire range of solutions in the next generation networks (NGN) and the convergence in the communications networks play a central role.

Comarch’s solutions take into account the needs of various business models and also support the consolidation and transformation of networks towards NGN and LTE. In this context in particular ComArch solutions next are generation network planning, the M2M platform for mobile operator or the M2M transaction gateway and billing SaS. Of this year’s telecom market in Europe”the participants from 15 to 16 June 2010 the opportunity directly with ComArch professionals about the design and implementation of solutions to speak. More information about the event, see. Comarch: Comarch is a leading international provider of standards-compliant software solutions and services for telecommunications companies. A key differentiator is the flexibility and configurability of solutions that are developed and adapted to the specific needs of clients by Comarch itself.

Meanwhile Comarch has more than comprehensive 15 years experience in the development, implementation, and integration of its own solutions and services. Comarch today works with customers on four continents, including some of the largest companies of the market, such as T-Mobile international, Vodafone Germany, Telefonica O2 Germany, and MVNO operators, such as Auchan Telecom, France. With ComArch unique, cost-effective solutions for billing and partner settlement and management of telecommunications networks and services the customers can offer the highest quality of service in their respective market and ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers. Comarch offer for the telecommunications industry is aimed mainly at fixed and wide band operator, carrier, MVNO/MVNEs, ISPs and VoIP operators, content providers, IPTV operators and satellite service providers and cable operators.

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