Friedrich Ratzel

Before entering, literally, in the subject in question, we will make one retaken briefing of the two phases of Cultural Geography so that let us appropriate in them of the understanding of the subject that we consider in them to argue in this assay scientific. 2.1 The TRADITIONAL CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY Before exactly of its sprouting concrete in the decade of 1880, about the German scientist Friedrich Ratzel, some scholars already were worried about the analysis of questions such as: where measure the destination of the peoples is on to the country where they are installed? He has influence of this on the men? Or he has subtle harmony between the natural order and the social order? (Claval, 1999, P. 19). These questions, headed for Herder, already demonstrated the interest of some for the aspects of the culture and had been the first steps of the sprouting of this branch of Geography. It disciplines it Cultural Geography more had its sped up development in three distinct countries: Germany, United States and France, respectively, and in each one of them it appears with different characteristics. In Germany, the great name of prominence of this disciplines is of Friedrich Ratzel. It was the first one to use fears &#039 to it; ' Cultural&#039 geography; '. After a long trip for the United States of America, it carried through a workmanship on the geography of this country which was intitled as Culturgeographie der Vereinigten Staaten von Nord? Amerika to unter to besonderer Bercksichtigung to give wirtschaftlichen Verhltnisse (Claval, 1999, p.20). This German naturalist was interested itself and considered a new conception of the Geography which was nominated of antropogeografia. It passed, then, if to dedicate to the study of the relations of the man with the natural way, as well as the distribution them peoples on the surface of the land analyzing the influence of the nature on the bodies and the espritos them men, that is, on the Buttmann societies apud Claval (1999, P.

Army Zapatista

One remembers, that exists about 350 million natives anywhere in the world, in some cases maintaining his ancestral forms to us of life. Among them, most outstanding they are the nomadic towns and generally those towns that live in tribal societies. In many other occasions, the indigenous towns have been themselves forced to assimilate the western landlords of life, although they continue maintaining certain traditions or the language. They are more than five thousand towns with its own form to see the world, its cultural and linguistic particularitities and with a will more and more hard to vindicate them and to feel proud of them, in spite of centuries of oppression and cultural, political, economic and social domination on the part of socioeconomic groups more forts. Wikipedia contributes to us, quehistricamente, the indigenous towns of America have been object of discrimination and racism (discrimination in language, in labor and wage conditions, sexual discrimination), situations that they have been reflected in slaughters, the existence of a servile work and other many forms of injustice (mainly the permanence of the conditions of poverty). Nowadays the indigenous problem has been retaken. Numerous movements and indigenous organizations have been mobilized to reach the recognition of their cultures, for example the intercultural education and the right to the Earth. It is the case of the zapatista movement and the Army Zapatista de Liberacin Nacional (EZLN). The definition of the indigenous language as dialect is a prejudice, a discrimination form that considers, erroneously, that languages like Nahuatl or the otom, to give only two of the thousands of examples that exist, are forms to communicate less less complex and developed than the Spanish or the English or the French: the indigenous language is so complex and as rich as any other language of the world, and dialect defines, however, as all that one regional variant (local) of a same standard language (she is this one native or not).

The Same

He had grains with pus in the face and ring under the eye. Terrible a ring under the eye black that disfigured the smile to me. She was estresada and it had nervousness attacks, until forced to me to take tablets to tranquilize to me. Taking tablets to tranquilize me to the 30, to follow thus it would have had an ulcer in two years. They do not see it? I did it in self-defense and to kill it was one of the wished, pleasant and planned sensations more of last the two years. To kill it was easy. It knew how it worked, one awoke to 7, it had breakfast when one remembered and it left to the office.

It worked until the 11 and it lowered by a white coffee always to the same bar. To two it had lunch and to 4 it returned to work until 6 or 7. When it arrived at its house so was tired, generally with headache to spend so many hours in front of the computer. It did not read because it did not manage to concentrate itself, thought about everything what had slope for the following day in the office and a chill by the column entered to him that left idiot it. It did not leave to take a walk because too much it was tired, until slow.

Saturdays and Sundays if it did not have to do some work of the office it was called on to him to clean the house, to wash the clothes and to cook something for the week. It was easy to find it, every day were equal. Never nothing new, different. A life without great aspirations fit to the needles of a clock and manipulated by an hysterical, obsessive and compulsive head. Now that it fodder I did a favor to him.


To educate children is a non-transferable responsibility; the parents need to become jumbled more I submerge in this process, as much in the home as in the school. He is anti ecological and he breaks the own natural laws of the development and learning of the human being, to delegate the education of this one (character, values, ethics, etc.) in other instances different from the family. Also it is anti ecological (against natura) that some institution like the State, the right is repealed to educate the children of a nation, instead of its parents. The home: seed plot of the future generations of responsible citizens and jeopardizes with its nation. The home is the main institution for the qualification of the future generations, to form brings back to consciousness of the citizen futures of a republic.

Daniel Wesbster says on the matter: the home is first of the schools and best classroom for education, the heart will cooperate there with the mind, the affection with the powers of the reflection. Lydia Sigourney adds as well: the force of a nation, especially a republican nation, is in the intelligence and the order of the homes of a town. It exists, then, a directly proportional relation, between the quality of management and the commitment of the governors of turn with democratic principles and morals, with the education received in the home. Until where the participation arrives from the parents in the educative process of the parents? Sandal besides the formation of the character, values and attitudes, a protagnica participation in the instruction process and learning to obtain a formation that makes possible to its children an effective performance to him in an office (academic and vocational aspects of its children). Even though the school plays a stellar roll in this sense, the parents need to become jumbled thorough in the process.

Learning English

HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH? N1 By Ed Ospin, author of English Aims Without Teacher It spends time: Far, the most important factor when you are learning or studying English is the amount of time who you happen practicing it or studying it. Following the time that you invest in the study and practice of the English, will depend its learning, by all means, the quality that you impose to him to the learning also is determining; many ways exist to study and to learn English, more effective than others. The key of an effective learning is in a correct integration of the learning of the four linguistic abilities: To listen to several times (5 or 6 times any content) and repeating what it is listened to aloud; I dare to say over some opinions, that this is the ability linguistic more important of all, followed of the conversation. Aloud reading the contents that study, writing through exercises or simply writing the same contents of a text, which will help to the identification of the vocabulary and structures. Taking all opportunity that appears to talk on the subjects that are learned. Relating the new words to phrases or orations and repeating them permanently.

Most important of all the previous one, it is that anyone is the activity that is being used in the learning process, will have to become of a way that really is enjoyed and it takes advantage. To listen and to read every day: The opportunities are many that must nowadays to carry out the more important linguistic ability when learning a language: listening of recordings of audio, recordings in MP3, listening of programs of radio, Internet, programs of television, and native or nonnative people with excellent articulation. A very good possibility is to read at the same time as it listens to a content.

Juana Viale

WHO INCARNATES TO THE MALPARIDA? Juana Viale is an Argentine actress, granddaughter of the famous actress and conductor Mirtha Legrand and of the film director Daniel Tinayre. Its race like actress in 2003 began, when mother enters with a personage the second stage costumary Argentinas.Su is Marcela Tinayre and its father Ignacio Viale, has 2 brothers, Ignacio " Nacho" and Rocco, (son of Marcela with Gastaldi Marks). She was even of the model Ivn de Pineda. In the 2002 an engagement with the musician begins Juan de Benedictis, son of the Argentine singer Piero. Soon after it is pregnant. From that relation her first daughter is born Amber, when Juanita was 20 years old. In 2003 she knows Fonzi Takings in Argentine Customs, and begins a romance with him.

In 2005 it knows Gonzalo Valenzuela in Double Life and they are put in pair. From that pair the second son of Juanita is born, Wild. In 2009 one separated of Valenzuela, and he had a brief romance with the tennis player Gastn Gaudio, although he recognized never it. At the moment one reconciled with Gonzalo Valenzuela, the father of his son. TRAJECTORY: It has participated in soap operas like " Customs argentinas" , " The Roldn" , " Fra&quot blood; , " Double vida" , " amor&quot is said; , " By love to vos" , " Women asesinas" and " Malparida". In cinema: " Corazn&quot radio; , " The widows of jueves" , " The cinema of Maite" , " The mother country equivocada". The LIST Gonzalo Heredia, Juana Viale, Carina Zampini, Forest German and Raul Taibo, who will be accompanied by a list of forward edge conformed by: Patricia Viggiano, Fabiana Garci’a Lake, Esteban Perez, Alexander Mller, Brenda Gandini, Gabriela Sari, Mnica Villa, Mnica Galn and Great Gastn. I had the opportunity to see the three first chapters and it seems to me that within the scheme of culebrn classic contemporary has all the ingredients to become a phenomenon of hearings, not only in Argentina, but in all the consuming countries of soap operas, including Colombia. It would be a painted success of strategy nor, for the Channel that decides to acquire the rights of emission of this Argentine soap opera, that nor that. original Author and source of the article.