Myths About Info-Business

Every day, responding to dozens, even hundreds of emails from newcomers who are interested in infobiznese, I repeatedly encounter the same: people are afraid to start a business for the sole reason that in their minds the most is sitting that neither is real TRIP. And this bug is triggered each time when it comes to infobiznese. What do I mean? The thing that is associated with infobiznesom huge number of myths and misconceptions. Misconceptions about how things are in fact, lead to the fact that people refuse from taking action even before they try their hand at online. Today I will briefly tell you about the most fundamental myths of the information business, which strongly stuck in the minds of Russian people … The first myth. Infobiznes – it's long. Long – in the sense that it must begin a long time.

For a long time to prepare. Long learning. For a long time to do something, and the result will not soon! In fact, The irony is that the preparation for employment, we spend tens if not hundreds of times more time of my life! Did someone make you sit 11 years in one school, then another 5 in another, and only then go in search of a normal place for a living, when it comes to their own business? No, of course! Nobody do not have anything to do, what courses you have completed what education do you have and whether you have a certificate of secondary general education.

Business Language

Who and when we give flowers? First of all, friends, loved ones, relatives or colleagues. For us, colors are always associated with the holiday or special occasions. Birthday, wedding, public holidays and Corporate events can not do without beautifully designed bouquets and unique floral arrangements. Nowadays, flowers are often used as a tool for strengthening business relationships, as well as maintain the image companies. A bouquet of flowers – the universal and non-intrusive way to show respect, location, appreciation, and show attention in relation to partners, colleagues, clients and subordinates.

Undoubtedly, the flowers are the most appropriate gift under any circumstances. The practice of gifts to customers and business partners exists in most large firms. Gift – it's not just a manifestation of attention, but part of the company's image, the indicator the level of its corporate culture, because of the gift can be judged on its merit, creativity and respect to partners. Effectively composed of floral arrangement in this case is the ideal option gift, showing, on the one hand, creativity, and on the other – attention to detail and a serious approach in any business. In our time, making floral arrangements of any complexity and delivery of special services, providing its services to both individual and corporate customers. Modern large companies have branches and divisions in other countries, so they have quite often greet their foreign colleagues on the landmark date. It is for these customers to deliver flowers offer special corporate programs that provide a number of advantages, including Quick execution of orders and discounts.

Calculator Amway

It must be borne in mind that there is confidential commercial information to which access is restricted. The degree of risk associated with trust management company, can not be objectively assessed … In particular, it is very difficult to evaluate the possible lifetime of the 'young' firms in this market, therefore, we can estimate only the degree of risk associated with our own activities in the business with MLM-company. Network marketing business has a very large information content – recruitment and training. Therefore, development of digital technologies and the Internet, we have the opportunity to build a business is elegant, efficient, creative and big. The author of this concept – Dmitry Smakotin, called her 'Network Marketing 2.0' or 'business with the mind'. Concept CM 2.0 proposes to change the very nature of networkers: to spend some time on the creation of several Internet tools (thematic newsletter, blog, website, recruitment, course), who will assume (Due to the possibility of automation), most of the necessary but monotonous work.

Free time can be used to address the most important and promising tasks: the creation and promotion of its Personal brand to establish and develop trusting relationships with their target audience of training partners, self-learning and personal growth when it is itself the Internet in this concept is secondary. Just at this instant online environment – this is the most fertile ground for finding and informing potential partners and customers – Internet combined the almost all previously created media and communications. He gave tremendous opportunities for communication without distance and borders with any number of interlocutors. Internet continues to evolve and 'capture' all the new spheres of life and business. There are new more efficient and convenient tools that use the most successful networkers – they're more likely to have vebinary, create videos and podcasts, use social networks. It's a different style of business for which the concept of 'plowing' gains entirely different meaning. More on the topic: How to calculate income on NPA Calculator Amway test for not looking for 'magic' button

Experts Against Journalists

On the subject blogs can often find all the possible classification of bloggers. Most often colleagues in the shop are classified according to talent as a publicist and the quality of the material. Well, for example: "The Shoemaker" – the poor, even kopipast normally can not do. The school loved the lessons of labor. "Purgenolog – freeloader who knows where it was, therefore, drives the" it "in large numbers. The school did not like literature. "Stenographer" – does, rewrite, sometimes quality sometimes as "shoemaker." The school did not like writing essays, always sat at a desk with Lenka-A student. Aquarius – the water a lot of little use.

His expelled from the lessons of history and literature, for excessive demagogy. Loves to be in the spotlight, does not read books. "Technician" – says dryly, but in the case. At school, like mathematics, is not fond of literature. Sometimes, like "Aquarius" considers himself "the crown of nature." Sometimes, fasting can be suppressed, so that happens, I want to drink "Aquarius", and even better, "Dostoyevsky." "Professional" – combines the best features of "geek" and "Aquarius." Typically, the counter number of RSS subscribers only confirms this. "Dostoevsky" – writes better "professional", but usually more specific.

Read always nice, but it's more a hobby than business. As doping using beer, and other heavier stimulators of creativity. Do not pick on my classification, I am only at ease retold office colleagues. I can not in principle about this, there is another more general classification of the "journalists", the "experts" and as always on "something between." "Zhuranalisty" is bloggers who base their work on the news reviews, translations, etc.