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The members of the ASEAN were affected by rising inflation caused by rising oil and food prices. High prices also forced the India, Malaysia and Indonesia to cut subsidies and raise prices set by the State for petrol and other fuels. The most pessimistic economists pointed out that the global economic Outlook is now more serious during the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and 1998, when the effect was limited to emerging markets. Another topic of discussion is interesting in this Summit of the Group of eight is the fight against global warming.The leaders of Germany, Canada, United States, France, Britain, Italy, Japan and Russia must decide what follow-up to give to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012, and which Washington never acceded. The final Declaration of Toyako would indicate that the G-8 will lead efforts to reduce pollutant emissions by 2050, 50% indicated by the Japanese Daily Yomiuri Shimbun.

But, United States rejects any compromise that does not include India, China and other major polluters. Bush promised that United States will play a role constructive in these discussions, while the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, revealed that the U.S. President and the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, maintained a fierce dispute on this topic at the G-8 Summit in Germany in 2007. The G-8 would also keep their promise to double aid to Africa to $ 50 billion by 2010, adopted in his appointment in Gleneagles, Scotland in 2005, said a source from the group. But countries are still divided on the timing of other commitments to Africa, especially the deadline for disbursement of $ 60 billion to combat AIDS and malaria, announced at the Summit of the G-8 of 2007. + Michelle Foss, an economist specializing in energy, calculates that the G8 can be effective measures in the medium and long term relative to the price of energyalways and when their commitments and recommendations be acts of political courage rather than political quickly. Some experts and lawmakers have blamed financial speculators for the growing increase in the oil price, but Foss, who directs the Center for energy economics at the University of Texas at Austin, said the USINFO, even if that were true, there are other important reasons for the increase in the price of oil, such as barriers to the supply and energy subsidies on oil-consuming countries. It is possible that the G8 can do change the oil markets, medium-term if it is that it puts on the table these controversial topics. If United States showed determination to seriously consider the issue of drilling in those areas, it could decrease the pressure in the oil price, said Foss. You must be pending on conclusions, agreements that will come out of this Summit, we trust must be for the benefit of all, especially the poorest countries, because we’ll be in touch about these conclusions.


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