Education Society

And the first assistant to the issues in question, for the parent, should become an accountant. That he should tell, advise and warn. But for this he should be well versed in all of those things you need to know the owner of the firm. So what exactly must know the founder, to established Company serves as an occasion for pride and a source of material wealth, but did not lead to a permanent escape from creditors and unpleasant trials? Where are the points at which the actions of the founder, and not chosen by the firm's management, lead to some legal and tax implications? Several of them. Firstly, it is a moment of Education Society. To see it, the founders must spend some money on the organizational costs. And on their own, a correct decision depends on who and how they compensate for these amounts.

Secondly, it is making property in the authorized capital of the company. How way will be assessed the proposed assets – is, in large part, caring members of society. Necessary weight to make sure that does not remain resentful or unhappy. Thirdly, it is financial assistance of the founder he created us. Reasons for this may be very much, as well as options for such support.

This loan and free transfer of property, and debt forgiveness, and much more. Legal and tax implications of such aid variety. But deciding exactly how to dispose of their property, taking his boss. This must be his own choice. Fourth, the very important issue to receive a dividend. And it is also the prerogative of the owners of the firm. But they should remember that the often short-term profit may further lead to large financial losses. And finally, fifth, it is a problem out of the society (the change of the founder) or the sale of its stake. Between others are completely different things. And the choice of a particular method of care to do himself the founder. It turns out that they, present or potential founders, as well as his assistant – the accountant – must be versed in many, often quite complex and controversial issues.

Magricela Silence

Its ossinhos of the shoulder threatened to pierce vestidinho expense so. Maria-New was being forged the iron and the fire. The life did not play with it and nor it played with the life. So new it and already lived exactly. Much thing, nothing still, perhaps it already had defined.

Wise person, however, that pain all age alone its. It was impossible to load years and years everything that on the shoulders. Wise person who was necessary to put everything for is, however as, as? Maria-New was being forged the iron and fire. (EVARISTO, 2006, p.72) Pollak (1989), affirms that these souvenirs during as much time confined to the silence and transmitted of a generation to another one verbally, and not through publications, remain alive. Long silence on the past, far from leading to the esquecimento, is the resistance that an impotent civil society opposes to the excess of official speeches. At the same time, it carefully transmits the not conforming souvenirs in the familiar nets and of friendships, waiting the hour of the truth and the redistribution of the letters politics and ideolgicas.' ' (POLLAK, 1989, p.5). The articulation in first person, the singular or the plural one, discloses the determination of author of ' ' to desvencilhar itself of the anonymity and of? invisibilidade? the one that was relegated by its condition of descendant of slaves or former-slaves and, exactly after the Abolition, its situation of estranhamento in a society that did not convoke it to participate in equality of condies' '. (BERND, 1988, p.77).

Today I am for the suffering. I go to see V Rita. I go to ask for it has taken that me until the Other. I can also go to look at the wound who Magricela has in the leg. I have mourning, but eye. … Today I want bigger, bigger, bigger sadness.


We receive from escancarada mouth to the light that if spreads for the infinite sky. The private food of the body and the soul. With the light that we receive we treat fast to hide it and occults it in we ourselves, as a thief in the been silent one of the night. As a hungry eager villain and for food, it swallows everything hastily from fear that each crumb disappears or is taken to it. With the light that we receive we deal fast to perhaps distribute it and the speed to our insaciveis and uncommon desires that to the berros each time always demands more. With the light that we receive we keep our fancy gostos without in them importing to the minimum of the foolishness and superficiality that this can seem. With the light that we receive we treat to transform it into dense darknesses, so dense that we are lost in it.