Since the antiquity, scientists and geniuses study, analyze, create and break paradigms, to explain science, the life human being, the PlanetTerra At last, explanation for everything searchs. In accordance with Kuhn (1998) the paradigms are was entered in the age of the ParadigmCartesiano ‘ ‘ Universe as machine, of the mecanicismo and the physical materialism, composing great reducionismo’ ‘ (PELIZZOLI 2002). The reason ‘ ‘ Cartesiana’ ‘ questioned or not, still it remains in the space between lineses social dasrelaes and of the construction of knowledge. The time of the neoliberalismo arrived, where the competition started to be> natural, or perhaps, badly necessary one. Existecompetio in everything: Economic blocks, Countries, Multinationals, PequenasEmpresas, Workers and in several other sectors. The engine of the globalizado world is the competitiveness.

so that this engine nopare to function, is fed by ' ' corrida' ' technological. To arrive in primeirolugar theoretically means to have the biggest economy. Thus, incessantee stops one ' ' burra' ' economic dispute in all the scales. ' ' Ter it substituted the Ser' '. On this Pelizzoli question (2002) it says the following one: The current crisis is the crisis of the hegemonic civilization, crisis doque if it calls ' ' our paradigm dominante' ' , that is, of the models to conceive omundo and in them relating, established in the dichotomy and brought problems Scientific pelRevoluo and the capitalist material progress. For Gonalves (2006) the market if showed skillful to find mechanisms to deremunerar the investments in accordance with its potential risks, the same not silk with regard to the ambient risks. This author still it affirms that the process deglobalizao brings in itself the globalization exactly of the exploration of the nature distributed comproveitos and rejeitos differently. I ruin it ambient already foifeito. The profit gotten with this I ruin was not divided between the peoples doplaneta, highly contrast in the world rich nations with society consumistacom poor nations of hungry villains.


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