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Religious minorities are continuously attacked. Traditionally it is considered Zohar that in medieval Spain, and until the fourteenth century, Christians, Jews and Muslims had lived peacefully in an atmosphere of religious tolerance. However, it appears that there was a real racial segregation. Berg Any adversity could cause conflicts, as it did.
You, pig, fucking
and that you were Jewish,
I do not dispute with you,
you have great manor

“The eagle is from San Juan
and the castle of Emmaus,
and put on the cross Jesus
I would be captain there.
You, brother, dog, moro
Guzman’s house,
Do you sing in the choir
the laws of the Koran ‘
Dicenme to be alive
your wife Dona Francisca
you marry the Moorish
Do a tikkun Isabel de Oliva .
In the fourteenth spirituality and fifteenth centuries, following the crisis at hand, the anti begins to sink in Spanish society, violent incident. With the civil war in the Trastamara, the candidate Enrique use latent anti-Semitism in mysticism the Castilians to supporters: in 1367 his troops Kabbalah raided the Jewish quarter of Briviesca, Aguilar de Campo and Villadiego and looted their patidarios Segovia, Avila and Valladolid. Toledo took the brunt. When the war ended, the king wanted to amend its policy, but the hatred of Jews had deep roots and led to pogroms in Seville in 1391. In Andalusia, the riots became Castilla (Toledo, Madrid, Burgos, Logrono) and from there to Aragon, where they looted the Jewish quarter of Barcelona, Palma and Valencia, among others.
The fear and pressure were subjected to heat among decided to become judeoespanoles mass. Often these are attributed to massive conversions merit and the apostolate of holy men as St. Vincent Ferrer, but the fact is that it was fear that caused it. Since the converted acted out of haSulam

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