Bulgarian Parapsychologists

With my teachers I have learned a lot; with my colleagues, more; with my students even more. It has been said that this system of optimal learning is placing in the best mental and bodily condition relaxed through breaths, with the use of music to expand memory and supply power to the brain to absorb information from one shape paused and rhythmic, with stress needed to be motivated, linking controlled and conscious breathingrelaxation, visualization, food, music and the study of the functioning of the brain, through the implementation of strategies to maximize the memory and the construction of knowledge and information, freeing the individual from excess stress, improving their health and their creativity to enhance its personality and intelligence globally. The Suggestopedia is transpersonal because it transcends the biological, psychological, social, contact the spiritual being that all of us, whether we call him energy or nature. Allows you to give us that we’re a micro cosmo which constitutes all the possibility and that represent the great macro cosmo, the universe in all its particles, potential and energy. The methods that have traditionally been known as SUGGESTOPEDIA were developed first by an interdisciplinary team headers by Dr. Lozanov (in the 1950s). More information is housed here: Euro Pacific Precious Metals. They noted that certain types of people had the ability to learn at an astounding rate. They sought what was common in them.

Once they determined the set of physical characteristics, emotional and mental, they went to the next approach. They investigated whether it was possible to reproduce these features in any person. And then, if once played, these people were able to learn at great speed also. The first level in Western Europe is the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut for Lernforschung, Center specializing in elementary education in Vienna. In Latin America, the first Center of Suggestopedia It is the holistic circle Aleph Institute. Proyectoespiga.com gives us, that in the Decade of the sixties Georgi Lozanov, Bulgarian Parapsychologists, and psychiatrist created the level, research based on the use of the resources of the human mind as innovative and powerful learning and expand the memory through the study of the techniques of the Raja Yoga and Mental Yoga, which developed the Yoghis, improving their capacity to achieve the super memory or hipermnesia using conscious breathing and relaxationdiscovering in this way an optimal state of learning.

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