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Fiscally sponsored lunch increased the net salary and looks like new health insurance burdens from Frankfurt, December 01, 2010. The recovery of the German economy and the good mood of the pre-Christmas period covering that in the coming year new loads waiting for most workers. Health care reform charged workers as the health reform the health insurance contributions of the statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as the private health insurance (PKV) will rise from the 1 January 2011. So the General contribution rate of statutory health insurance funds is no longer 14.9 per cent of the gross salary in the future but 15.5 percent this corresponds to an increase of 0.6 percentage points. The private health insurers increase their contributions by up to 7 percent. New distribution of shares in health insurance at the turn of the year comes a new layout of posts in health insurance.

Currently, the employer’s contribution to 7 per cent, the proportion of workers to 7.9% amounts. From January 2011, employers are 7.3% (so plus 0.3%) of the statutory health insurance although pay, this amount is but “frozen”. For employees, this means that they must pay not only the higher by 0.3 percentage points, also contribute then 8.2 percent, but even alone to shoulder future contribution increases. Health insurance contribution increase impacted workers NET to around 100 euros the new health insurance contributions and additional contributions reduce the related workers available Gehaltsnetto to around 100 euros per year. Thus yet more net of the gross left remains, should employers use healthy salary tools, advises George Wyrwoll, corporate relations manager and HR expert at Sodexo: “dining cheques support healthy eating and stabilize the net pay. The State encourages the staff meals tax. As a result, beneficial to increase the Gehaltsnetto of employees; opportunity employers and without additional costs.” Restaurant checks ensure healthy balance up to 1.304,60 Euro Lohnplus the Federal Government has just the tax Expanded eligibility of lunch. Company can send a restaurant of cheques to their employees in accordance with the current payroll tax guidelines 2011 working tax-free up to 5.93 euros in the form of.

In the year up to 1.304,60 Euro per employee as tax and social tax-free cash available. However, with the Sodexo restaurant pass also achieve other effects, Wyrwoll stressed: “restaurant of cheques support as a component of the operational health management the work ability of employees. You ensure a varied and healthy diet, promote social cooperation of workers and also cause coming movement during the lunch break. Employers can also offer simple and cost-efficient manner. an attractive allowance” Company description of Sodexo-Sodexo in Germany Sodexo is represented for more than 50 years in Germany and employs approximately 14,000 people. Sodexo of leading service providers around the topics is motivation solutions division Employee motivation, corporate social services (Sodexo restaurant pass) and incentives, as well as services for the Government.

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