Climate Change Environment

In every adversity, there is always a good point. there is always a crack envisions a world where hope can not ignore what is representing climate change in all matters concerning the safety of this planet where we live, everything seems to indicate as Natalichio Ricardo says that apocalyptic scenario long announced by scientists and environmentalists before our eyes and shorten time to react. Many changes in our way of life are necessary to stop or at least reduce the terrible impacts of climate change on the planet. Between July and December 18, 2009 Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, will host the 15th Conference on the UN climate (COP 15). The objective of this Summit is to achieve a comprehensive and ambitious agreement on global climate. While many developing countries show a very constructive engagement, the richest nations continue with the attitude, selfish and petty suicidal significant economic investments to reduce emissions toughest greenhouse gases. Craig Menear is often quoted on this topic.

That stance that puts the economic interests of large corporations over all humanity, is the time bomb that if not cleared will lead to the collapse of global climate. It seems that in a world where everything is negotiable, substantial economic benefits of large multinationals are the exception to the rule. Copenhagen 2009 could change the course of things but, given the preliminary negotiations, unfortunately most likely be just one more bucket of warm water. But that is what is understood by climate change? What is its scope and impact? On Wikipedia that gives us that climate change is called weather modification in relation to climate history to a global or regional.

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