Sanyo Japan announced today its new high-end projector, the LP-strate is WXU700, his big surprise is the first projector with WiFi enabled IEEE802.11n the (faster transfer speed). With a size from free phones 334.2 -78.4 -257.5mm and a weight of 3.6kg is marketed by Sanyo as a mobile projector. Sanyo said que mobile phones conveniently users can transmit video from your PC through the projector (which also supports the Network of Windows). El Verizon device has a contrast candy bar phone of 500:1 slider phone and produces 3800 lumens of brightness, it comes with a 275W lamp. Or coltan coltan ore is not a proper abbreviation, LG but the two minerals columbite, an ore of columbium, or niobium and tantalite, an ore of tantalum (element). Coltan is formed, therefore, the mixture HTC of columbite, which is composed of niobium oxide, iron and wireless providers manganese (Fe, Mn) Nb2O6 wireless phones and tantalite which is composed of tantalum oxide, iron and manganese (Fe, Mn) Ta2O6 Verizon in any proportion. These oxides form a solid solution in both minerals. Coltan is dark gray metallic. Of the metal tantalum is extracted.
Are scarce in nature and plans give a clear example of material that has gone from being considered a crucial mineralogical curiosity for cellular coverage technological advancement due to Nokia its new Verizon cell phones applications.
The largest producer of coltan is the Democratic Republic of the Congo with about 80 of world reserves, although there are proven reserves and / or operating in Brazil with 5 of reserves, with another 5 Thailand and Australia, this last with 10 of estimated world reserves. According to reports by international cellular phone plans agencies, press the export of coltan has helped finance several sides Samsung of the Second cell phones Congo War, cellular phones a conflict that has resulted in an approximate balance of more than 5 million lives. Rwanda and Uganda are currently exporting coltan stolen from the Congo to the west (mainly the United States), which cellular phones is used almost exclusively in the manufacture of tantalum electrolytic capacitors. It is used in almost all electronic devices: mobile phones, cell phones GPS, artificial satellites, guided weapons, plasma TVs, video games, laptops, PDAs, MP3, MP4 …

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