Conflict and Transition

See: First Congo War, Second Congo War, LG conflict in Ituri and the Transitional Government of the DRC.
In the mid 1990 the situation worsened dramatically. Under the big refugee crisis of the Great Lakes, the Rwandan genocide caused a flood of refugees fleeing the war situation cellular coverage in Rwanda and Burundi. Mobutu’s inability to handle this crisis, accompanied Nokia by the loss of support from the West allowed his opponents to launch a major campaign against him that ended with his escape and the proclamation by the rebel leader Laurent-Desire Kabila of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in May 1997. But Kabila’s allies soon turned against him and his regime was challenged by a rebellion backed by Rwanda and Uganda in August 1998. Troops from Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Chad and Sudan intervened to support the new regime in Kinshasa, starting a devastating war known as the Second Congo War, cell phones “or African World War, the conflict that has cost more lives in the world since end of the Second World War.
A ceasefire was declared on July 10, 1999, even so, HTC the ongoing struggle taking hold especially in the east of the country, financed with every plan by revenues from the illegal extraction of minerals such as coltan, you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans cassiterite and diamonds. Kabila was assassinated in January 2001 and his son Joseph Kabila was named head of state. The new president all the plans include quickly began negotiations to end the war and free phones signed the Pretoria Agreement, in South Africa in 2002. In wireless providers late 2003, a fragile peace prevails since the transitional government. Kabila appointed four vice presidents, two of whom have fought to deport him since July 2003. Much of this country remains insecure, primarily because of the conflict cellular phones in Ituri and the ongoing Motorola activities of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda in the provinces of North Kivu and South.
On July 30, 2006 were held in the country the first free and multiparty elections cell phones since independence in 1960. Joseph Kabila in the first round gets 45 of the cellular phone plans votes and his opponent and a former vice president Jean-Pierre Benba 20 . This gives rise to clashes between the 20 to August 22 between supporters of two candidates in the streets of the capital, Kinshasa. 16 people die until forces of EUFOR and mobile phones MONUC regain control of the situation. The second round of election held on October 29 and it gets candy bar phone to be President Kabila elected.
The sale of coltan mines key trading posts where foreign Samsung traders buy what it sent abroad, mostly through Rwanda. Companies with the technological capacity to make enough coltan into the coveted tantalum powder, and then sell the magic powder to Nokia, Motorola, Compaq, slider phone Sony and cellular providers other manufacturers who use it in mobile phones and other plans devices’ high tech ‘.
In 1996, the U.S. sponsored a military invasion of Rwanda and Uganda who entered eastern DRC. By 1998 took control and occupied the strategic mining areas. Very soon, the Rwandan army began to take more than 20 billion dollars a month from coltan mining. Although the price of metal has fallen, Rwanda maintains its monopoly over the wireless phones exploitation and trade of metal in the DRC. There is a flood of reports of rampant human rights abuses in the mining regions.

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