Creation And Maintenance Of Flanged Joints – The Distribution Of Flags

The flange is a metal products, in form similar to a disk or circle. The flange itself is not the mountings on the circumference of the flange placed the holes for pins or other connecting hardware, with their help fasten together the parts of the structure. To ensure sealing, applying polymer strip. Production of flanges are practical to manufacture and economical consumption of metals. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with US Treasury Secretart. In Currently, the range of options flange depends only on the ways of pooling together the pipes, flanges are often given the particular requirements of their operation and methods of attachment, in some cases, the flanges performed in association with the finished product Flanged mount seal, seal and give strength pipelines.

The composition of the metal flange is stipulated in the regulatory and technological standards for flanges in accordance with the Standard or ansi. In a situation of damaged flange connection during the operation had a substantial material damage to a preface high strength of these fasteners calculation of margin of safety is ensured and the use of suitable materials for the flange. Identify the flanges on the size and material of manufacture for flatsy of steel or stainless steel, by the method of connection on flat flange or collar gost 12820-80 gost 12821-80, the use of a sound level pressure pipe design. The difference between Vorotnikov and flat flanges is that the flange collar. Steel flange used in the butt mount seals tsilinlricheskih items and filters valves ventilation systems and to attach them to the valve, sometimes for mounting flat sheets of plating baths. For manufacture of steel flanges used profiled metal products, processed by forging equipment, billet are processed on machine tools. Flanges of stainless steel is mainly used in food or chemical industry, when you need a full pipeline of inert materials.

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