The first in the 2011 UN climate meeting was held in Bangkok. New earthquake in Japan. As will be offset by cutting Khimki forest? News of "green" technologies: wind turbine, powered by a passing train biogas in the Penza region, and biofuels in Arkhangelsk. In the animal world: how crawling snail. Science News: East Africa dried up, the skeleton of an ancient whale. Health: tangerines from obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis, maple syrup – a powerful antioxidant. Our food: genetically modified cows in China provide human milk.

This is interesting: spiders so entangled web of trees, those that died from lack of sunlight. News legislation, and ministries: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs meeting on forecasting of natural hazards, the Russian State Duma adopted amendments to benefits for the use of aquatic resources. Photo fact of the week: "Cherry blossoms." Browse Events the week of 04/04/2011 to 10/04/2011. The first in the 2011 UN climate meeting was held in Bangkok in 2011, the first meeting of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change took place on April 08/03 Bangkok (Thailand), was attended by approximately 2.5 thousand Delegates from 174 countries. It was expected that the main agenda will be the implementation of the countries of the Cancun agreements, and prepare a work plan for 2011. However, the negotiation process within the framework of measures for long-term cooperation reached an impasse when the parties were unable to take the agenda of their work. The cause of dispute was the fact that developing countries want to continue to work on range of issues identified by the Bali road map in 2007, while Developed countries want to focus on the Cancun-making.


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