Enterprise Social Responsibility

The organization still benefits of a solid global net of national and regional enterprise advice and organizations in partnership. The objective of the WBCSD is to act as catalytic of the change and to foment a maximum cooperation between the world, enterprise, the public administration and others organizations worried about the sustainable development. Since then, some countries had started to integrate the WBCSD identifying the echo efficiency as a proposal promising for the companies, the governments and the families to reduce the pollution and the use of resources in its activities and had started to recommend it. Currently the Organization will be Economic cooperation and Development (OCDE) and the WBCSD, is promotional more operating of this proposal of ambient management. One of the first enterprise nets in the national level was the Business will be Social Responsibility (BSR) created in 1992, in the United States, initially with 50 companies associates. In some European countries enterprise associations of decade 1990 had been established at the beginning. The movement arrived at Latin America with the creation of the organization Peru 2021, in 1994, but it only gained amplitude in the following years with the arrival of other organizations, that had created bonds between itself, as: Amefi, in Mexico and the Ethos Institute, in Brazil, 1998.

Action Enterprise of Chile, in 1999. Fundemas, in El Salvador, and To give, in Uruguay, 2000. Argentine institute of Enterprise Social Responsibility (Larse), in 2003. At the same time, enterprise nets if had organized internationally, as the World Business Council will be Sustainable Development (WBCSD) – created in 1991, that it today congregates approximately companies of more than 35 countries of 20 industrial sectors. Moreover, they make use of a net of 50 entailed Advice the international organisms, university, ONGs and foundations, as objective to share experiences and to promote leaderships in the enterprise way that stimulate the sustainable development in its countries or regions.


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