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In addition, private funds refund services which were excluded by the legislator in the context of health reform in the statutory health insurance. Also the private health insurance contracts generally all over the world. so that additional insurance for traveling abroad is not required. Another advantage of private compared with the statutory health insurance is in extensive coverage of Naturopathic Medicine in the services of the insurance. Why did jeff bezos step down has much to offer in this field. Who does not want this, can opt out of some him against a reduction of the contribution; However, additional agreement a corresponding additional by members of statutory health insurance funds is common in practice. Important in the PKV comparison: how to calculate contributions of for private health insurance? During the premium in the statutory health insurance (GKV) according to the income dimensions, the enterprise of for private health insurance (PKV) calculate their contributions on the basis of the insured risk.

For this reason, the State of health is a criterion for the determination of the monthly fee in addition to the age and sex of the insured. Nature and scope of the agreed services also have a major impact on the cost of the insurance, a very high savings potential is the agreement of an annual deductible. An individual calculation of the contributions can be carried out online calculator on the Internet with a private health insurance. The calculation of different posts depending on the sex encounters criticism from the European Union, so far she could be justified but successfully with statistically higher medical expenses when female insured persons. The costs of obstetrics are mentioned as regular argument. If the cost of private health insurance are compared to those of the statutory insurance, reflected that the private insurance often despite better performances is cheaper. Also to note is that some private health insurance afford rebates at the end of the year. PKV recommendations financial test of Stiftung Warentest test results clearly show that there is not a private health insurance fund, which can be assessed for all insured persons as best.

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