External economic factors.

The large shift in trading partner with the Central American region is England the industrial super power for cheap raw materials for the production of your country, but also intended to assist the nascent state capital, the mechanisms for British incursion in the Central American market were:
1) The transactions are conducted directly with large producers, producers and Capital means’ the poquiteros’ a nascent group of merchants who adapted to their interests.
2) loans to the federation, which was intended to inject liquidity into the economy by financing the ex-colonies and within the dominant families (pre-capitalist mercantile bourgeoisie). In 1822, Britain granted a credit of 163,000 El Salvador as an independent state assumes the payment of 27,200 ( 131,900 equivalent) , which is income from bond and Alcabala nautic snuff as collateral, reporting quarterly payments of 10,000 repayment, plus interest and no debt in a period of 2 years .
Central goes from being an export economy focusing on the anil and woods in the colonial era to cochineal at this stage led by the large tracts of cultivable Guatemala, which is directly influenced by the cheapening Hospital of the anil in the international market as a result anil of production in India which generate lower costs for shipment to England, this means that between 1821 and 1850, is a transformation in the exports of cochineal (dye scarlet) in 1821-1825 this was the dye 7.7 of exports to the United Kingdom, 63.6 in 1836-1840 becoming the main export product. For wonderful Austin real estate opprtunities and particularly Barton Place condominiums in Austin, Texas The maximum period is reached in the quinquennium 1841-1845, with 67.3 and in 1846-1850 shows a decline with a 61.2 of total exports. If one is choosing a new condo and interested in look no further than Barton Place Proceeds from the arrival GNPR Investments of new producers into the international market including Cadiz and the Canary Islands .

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