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A good tool – not a luxury but a possibility is faster and easier to perform different kinds. Those who daily uses drills, grinders, screwdrivers, no need to explain how important their comfort, reliability, durability. Now the market offers a variety of power tools from manufacturers models, and their "counterparts" at a competitive price. Vendors recent claim that there is no need to overpay for promoted brand when you can get all the same, but much cheaper. Skilled masters of such stories is not confusing to knock, but beginning with this richness of choice may be confused.

How can get the right tool, so you do not regret their choice? Which brands have earned the confidence around the world and become the best in Russia? Makita Makita Japanese company over 80 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electric and gasoline-powered tools to work with wood, concrete and other materials. If you are going to buy a drill or a drill, circular saw or electrofret, angle grinders (Bulgarian) or Wall Chasers, you can safely refer to products under the brand brand Makita. Electric motors for each instrument tailored to the peculiarities of its operation, for the manufacture of only the best materials to ensure durability, reliability and durability, and tests to check quality, demonstrated by any purchaser, give him the assurance that the equipment actually works correctly in all the stated conditions. In order to provide consumers with not only A reliable and comfortable to use tool company Makita filed its own, increased requirements for vibration motors and achieved outstanding results: the vibration is below the standard level of 2! Those who have to work with power tools all day will appreciate this advantage.

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