Hollywood actress and stardom

Thanks to the success mall of the movie madness of love, Sara actors Montiel called attention to the industry’s adult most important Hispanic in the world, Mexico’s free Cinema Gold and soon became one of the playing stars of the moment, flicks along with actor Maria Felix, imdb Miroslava and pics Katy Jurado. Also work with great actors of the time: Agustin Lara, Arturo de Cordova, Pedro Infante …. So was mpeg I get to shoot more than a dozen productions, noting: “The Prison of women” “Piel canela”, “fury” and “models are sought” among clips others.
Because of its beauty and talent soon caught the attention of the American film industry was in need of Hispanic stars in the line of Rita Hayworth. Interpretations such as “Prison of women” and theater “Piel canela” would open the door to go to Hollywood theatres in 1954 as a new Gilda.
His first performance theatre was by the hand, nothing more and nothing less than the mythical Gary Cooper in “Veracruz” by Robert Aldrich, with such important performers of himself the era as Burt Lancaster, Denise Darcel and a young Charles Bronson. Indices achieved popularity had cinema never had a Spanish artist. This movie follows along with Joan Fontaine Serenade, tenor Mario Lanza and Vincent galleries Price. On this shoot will be known at that her first husband, Anthony Mann, director of the film. Finally, Yuma herself wheel (also called cinemas Run showtimes of the arrow) opposite Rod Steiger (which you will be popular in his old age for his role in the specialist in bad Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone).
Sara Montiel biography (known as Sarita Montiel) had established its place in Hollywood remained vids friendly with such important credited figures of international cinema as actress Marlon Brando, thumbs James Dean or the daughter mpegs of Alfred Hitchcock. A photograph they did with filmography James Dean, is the latest known the mitico actor with her was announced in the newspapers the title death of James Dean-in-traffic accidents worldwide.
Although he had plans for other films including The American or Burning Hills, one of them with Paul Newman … One of the must successful actors in Hollywood is is one of the most bankable hollywood stars tomorrow theaters brings the other direction for his career and since his collaborations space in Hollywood.
After a vacation, a movie filmed in Spain for under budget under the command of Juan de Orduna, episode he made more out of friendship and gratitude for the money: “The last cuple. But the movie was a huge box office success and make films the Montiel one of the highest-grossing artists in starring the world. Therefore signed a multimillion-dollar contract to make movies of European productions (Hispano-French-Italian) that video clips the actress became the highest-paid speaking of the decade.
By “last Cuple” followed “The Violetera”, “Carmen la de Ronda”, “My Last Tango”, “Pecado de Amor”, “La Bella Lola”, “The Lady of Beirut”, “La reina del Chantecler” “Noches de Casablanca”, “The Lost Girl”, “Variet babe ” and “Five pillows for a night.

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