Hosted SharePoint 2010 At IAE

Fibernet launches hosted SharePoint 2010 new hosted SharePoint 2010, which the Genotec AG the SharePoint V3. 0 succeeds, there is a completely revised user interface, which is adapted and intuitively easy to use on the familiar environment of Microsoft Office. The Ribbon bar which is known by the other Microsoft Office products made and proven, allows a very individual design of share point pages. It is a big relief as well as for the General handling of SharePoint. With all popular Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, you can work easily regardless of time and place.

Access to the share point pages via mobile device is now also possible. Can be awarded comments and ratings and keywords defined with the Taggingfunktion. The keywords allow even easier to search for documents and files. Office applications can how take advantage of until now directly on the SharePoint platform. Teamwork is the new SharePoint 2010 again much easier and more efficient. The existing product variants have been revised: there are also the variants Entry, Pro and business. The capacities were however even better adapted to the needs of the customer and corrected upwards. New there are in the new hosted SharePoint Entry 1 GB storage space for 19.90, the Pro 2 GB for 39.90 and the business 5 GB for 79.90.

The hosted SharePoint business to meet the needs of larger project teams, companies, and projects and is the most comprehensive range. The business product allows an unlimited number of users to match the share point, and put many or large files on the platform, or replace. The issue of security is very important to this product. So was sure also infrastructures that the business in separate application pools is installed on Fibernet servers, what does also affect the speed. Additional languages can be used such as Italian, French and Spanish. I am proud of the fact that we can offer one of the most popular business tools in the latest version in the IAE as a hosted product shortly after the official launch of Microsoft, as product manager Marco Samuel. Our new hosted SharePoint offers many useful innovations, which simplifies the work in a company and noticeably improves the productivity. Genotec AG shall in addition for every new subscription one SharePoint business until August 31, 2010 the first monthly fee. Newly added is the free version of SharePoint free, which allows all interested parties to test the new SharePoint 2010 with up to 5 users through their paces and get to know the many benefits. A change to a share point of entry, Pro or business is at any time possible without any problems. Learn more about the products of SharePoint 2010: sharepoint via Genotec AG: the Swiss Internet Service provider Genotec AG was founded in 2001. The company employs 36 people and serves in the own data centers in Zurich, Basel, Bern and Allschwil over 50’000 domain and about 500 Server customers. IAE is an Ofcom registered provider and certified as “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner”. IAE was awarded the quality seal Swiss Quality Hosting of the simsa and checked Since 2008, IAE is newly listed in the top 500 of the strongest IT companies of Switzerland at Computerworld. More information about Genotec AG: Contact: Marco Samuel Product Manager application hosting Genotec AG CH – 4123 Allschwil Tel. + 41 (0) 848 Binningerstrasse 95 321 123 fax: + 41 (0) 842 321 123 E-Mail:

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