Important Automation Technology

Ten most important technologies, even if you're still not using any of the above technologies, please read them – perhaps you simply lost sight of some important tool that can reduce costs and increase profits 1. Points of sales (Point of Sale – POS) and inventory systems properly selected POS-terminal in times reduce the time and cost in the business. This was the reason that this technology is occupied honorable first place. Good POS-system is able to track all sales, but you can easily control your business. In other words, it replaces your cash register. Quite difficult to decide where to start to talk about POS-terminals and cash register systems, because they have a huge number of possibilities. I could write a whole book about all the advantages of POS-systems. Here I show only 5 major.

Thus, a good POS-system: * Significantly improved customer service * Simplifies and improves inventory * Improves the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing research * Easy will tell you where you're getting, and where losing money. So you can make changes and increase profits * Saves time by automating accounting and other trade processes. This is good, but keep in mind that … this technology not only gives you great benefits, but also puts you in front of choice of POS-systems. There are many nuances that should be considered, since the POS-system change in the future, not a cheap. 2. Software for customer relationship management (CRM) Interaction with customers – one of the fundamental keys to building a successful retail business.


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