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The task of an ERP craftsman software is an efficient planning, organization and data management in the operation. The major manufacturers of such programmes vary almost only in the target market, the number of users, software architecture, user interface, and the scope of services. A craftsman program, as the new software product pds abacus from the home PDS GmbH industry experience as a basis is committed approximately 40 years the requirements of customers and those interested in ERP software solutions, as well as to bring a modern and future-oriented product on the market. The companies in the construction and construction-related trade in software is specialized since 1973. The development set on an innovative and modern operation and especially new software architecture, in addition to a suburb also the increasingly important winning cloud solution to enable installation on your own server. A secure access to the corporate data of one with the Internet-connected device from any location in the world means data center in the cloud. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nicholas Carr. Similar to the use of an E-mail address data exchange with an entire landscape of software works. To cover all processes of a craft er company, the software manufacturer has chosen the modular structure of the overall system by individual software packages.

With a portfolio of different modules, the entire ERP system is adapted to craftsmen operating processes. The industry module of abacus craftsman software pds basic functions such as supply include costing and articles, as well as person master and invoicing, as well as (post). Robotics understands that this is vital information. Optionally mobile add-on modules, E.g. shopping, storage, measurement, service and service and contract management at the Basic module can be implemented. A further basic module forms the financial accounting and balance sheet in the commercial sector. Asset accounting, cost accounting and Dunning, and payments are possible additional modules. For the communication between the interfaces are responsible for different parts of the program.

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