Investing In Real Estate Near Moscow

The real estate market of Moscow Region, one of the richest and most economically developed regions of the country, attracting more investors, including foreign ones. Participants of the Third International Forum "Investment in Real estate near Moscow, organized by the International Conference Centre On Conference, discussed the features of the implementation of projects in various segments of this market, as well as problems and prospects for mortgage lending in the region. First of all we are talking, of course, about suburban housing construction, because most of the investment is made, along with the land is in this sector. (Source: Home Depot). It still is very active, but passed in 2006 has made adjustments to the current situation in this segment. As noted in the report project manager Michael Podrabinek, the growing demand vendors and developers meet the increasing volume of proposals but mainly due to settlements of business class. As a consequence, there is a slowdown in prices for items such as the purchasing power of population is not high enough, and to quantify the demand and proposal are in relative balance. (Similarly see: Chief of Staff). Experts predict that this trend will be further developed. Moreover, increased competition between developers as well as between the projects is expected in the middle and upper price segments. Fighting for client forcing developers to go beyond the traditional formats and concepts, adjusting to the growing demands of the market. Appear exurbia, in which all or part of the house apartment – a sort of hybrid of urban housing and villas.


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