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AWEK integrated taken first self-checkout systems by Wincor Nixdorf in Czech market that Czech globe has hypermarket in Prague early April 2010 the first four self-checkout systems in operation. As an alternative to the existing POS systems with operating, the customers can now scan their purchases by hand and pay at self-service checkouts. POS application development and integration into the market system was by AWEK, supplier of POS systems. Wincor Nixdorf delivered the self-checkout hardware and system software. The Czech globe hypermarket in Prague offers its customers a new service now. Four self-checkout systems, customers can now independently collect their goods and pay. The systems work after the scan and bag “-principle.” Scans of customer goods, thereby placing them in a bag on the security balance. The payment shall be made either by cash or cashless with credit card or gift card.

The operation of the system is done via the intuitive user guidance via touch screen with a user interface in Czech, German or English language. The existing cashier systems remain open in addition to the new self-service checkouts. Globus operates 40 SB department stores in Germany and operates 85 stores with a specific minimum sales area of 7,000 m as well as nine electronics stores with a minimum sales area of 3 000 m. Globe with 14 hypermarkets is present in the Czech Republic. In establishing the new self-service checkouts, hypermarkets in Prague occupies a leading position. The success of the project is leading the way for the decision on the additional installation of self-checkouts in the globe SB markets in the Czech Republic. Globus SB Warenhaus offers a huge assortment of goods. With the new self-service checkouts, we want to offer our customers an even better shopping experience.

At the self-checkout, our customers can do now faster their purchases without having to wait at the checkout. This is an advantage especially for small shopping carts. We have the experience that our customers are very interested in technology and open to new technologies. That’s why We expect that they will gladly accept the new POS systems”, Dr. Miroslav Exner, IT Director says Globe headquarters in Prague. The self-checkout systems running with the POS software microCASH by AWEK together with the control software TPiSCAN from Wincor Nixdorf. The processes communicate via an interface developed by AWEK. Printer and payment terminal are directly controlled by the POS software. The self-checkout systems are embedded in the market network. The development of POS software realized by AWEK period of three months. Dr. Miroslav Exner expressed very happy about the cooperation with the partners in the realization of the project: “I am proud on our joint success.” self-checkouts are long since expanded beyond its pilot stage and will increasingly prevail. Also if they exist today more often as a supplement to operated cash register systems, they will spread further in the future.

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