Karl Marx

The government system is related with the mechanisms of distribution of the power the politician, if by means of the parliamentarism, of the presidentialism or one it forms hybrid that can be called of semipresidentialism that in such a way adds characteristic of the presidentialism as of the parliamentarism. Being one it forms or another one, nor always or almost never, the government system represents the majority, therefore it will be always expressing the will of the minority that withholds the power on the means of production, Karl Marx (1988, P. 12) says that ' ' The power politician is the official expression of the antagonisms of the classrooms in the society burguesa' ' (Marx, 1988, P. 12). The bourgeoisie certainly is not the population mass, this mass is only leitorado necessary so that the term ' ' liberdade' ' either identified in the system politician of a country that if verifies as carrying of ' ' poder' '. When the power politician is not acquired by the force, the oppression, the imposition and the fear, is it conquered by the vote.

The vote is a power to decide process that involves elements that go beyond the simple ideological affection or partisan identification. It is also an agreement attitude or of I repudiate on an offered ideal as solution of social problems or, as maintenance of personal interests. The voter is a free being that if understands exempts to choose its representatives, the will leads that it to which option is determined by the immediate reality that denies the Real for being conditional for the reasons of it exerts that it. The free will in itself and for itself, as if discloses in its abstract concept, makes part of the specific determination of the immediate one. Janet Yellens opinions are not widely known. In this degree, it is current reality that denies the Real and alone I obtain only presents an abstract relation.


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